VIBE Education: The Future of eSports in Driving Student Success

future of eSports Vibe education speakers

Join AVI-SPL’s Jay Bosch, Director SLED North America, along with gaming and eSports experts in The Future of eSports in Driving Student Success VIBE Education session. Our panel explores how to start an eSports program and more. Guest speakers include:

  • Collin Blumenthal, AVI-SPL Account Manager, Detroit, MI
  • Brandon Brunhammer, AVI-SPL Solution Architect, Advanced Visualization
  • Will Haas, AVI-SPL Project Engineer

eSports Programs Student Benefits

Our panelists explore how to start an eSports program at your school. They also discuss student benefits of eSports programs, including:

  • Workforce development and STEM program support such learning about technology for broadcast, electrical, audio, video, design, innovation, and more
  • Peer-level mentoring between students
  • Qualifying for eSports scholarships
  • Exposure to tech industries and solutions that helps students choose a career path

Top Considerations for eSports Programs

Our speakers also explore top considerations for eSports programs such as setting expectations, tech and space requirements, your budget and ROI, sharing space and technology with other student groups, and supporting social distancing protocols. The team wraps up the session with ways to future-proof your eSports investment.

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