Video-first learning revolutionizes education

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When it comes to putting students and learning first, educators and technologists strive to create learning solutions to meet the various learning needs of students everywhere. Remote and hybrid learning has become more mainstream, making it more important to use innovative technology to keep students engaged.

Logitech partnered with WORKTECH Academy to investigate how video-first learning is changing education, the challenges of online learning, and strategies to overcome these challenges. In the whitepaper, Logitech and WORKTECH discuss:

  • The specific difficulties higher education and secondary education experience in hybrid or digital learning spaces
  • The benefits of combining digital learning with face-to-face learning
  • Using virtual teaching tools, such as Google Meet, Teams, Webex, or Zoom, for a dynamic learning environment
  • Utilizing Capture software to create accessible content for all students
  • Meeting digital native students in Gen Z and Gen Alpha where they learn best, such as video-first learning
  • Applying the use of technologies created to facilitate more interactive video experiences through the camera and headset range
  • Navigating the challenges of online learning, such as how to keep students connected to the campus experience

Innovating to meet the needs of students everywhere is a big task. That’s where integrators like AVI-SPL can help educators and IT specialists find the right hybrid learning solutions. For a more comprehensive look, download the whitepaper.

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