For Times that you want to add a card for a single post, use this shortcode

This will pull the card for any type of post; resource, news, post, page, etc.

The variable ‘postnum’ represents the post id that you want to pull

the easy way to find that post is to navigate to the post in the admin, and look at the URL in the browser’s address bar. Towards the end you will see a question mark with ‘post=’ after it. the number that is associated with that is the post id. (more info here.)

UPDATE: There is now the option to add/remove the Read more link – in the shortcode include link=1 (see examples below). and the read more link will show.  

Three Columns Example

Three Columns Example

Dark mode will be available for these shortpost cards. 

To implement – navigate to the section and go to the custom CSS classes > add ‘dark’ as a class. 

You will also need to choose a different background color on your section. 

Single Example

To do a better job of matching the styles on the design – We added a full width card. it works the same way as the single post but you change the shortcode to fullwidth_postcard – Example below.