Strengthen the human experience in the hybrid workplace

Meeting equity in the hybrid workplace has become a hot topic. In our guide, Strengthen the Human Experience in the Hybrid Workplace, we explore six strategies to ensure meeting equity for their distributed workforces. We also explore how Poly solutions can help you create a human-centric experience.

For many organizations, hybrid workplace collaboration doesn’t provide the same feeling of unity and camaraderie as when all meeting participants were in the same room. That’s why your collaboration technology has to offer more than just basic audio and video. It has to help dispersed collaborators communicate clearly and connect in ways that establish a human-centric experience.

The guide takes an in-depth look at strategies for ensuring meeting equity in the modern hybrid workplace. It provides a roadmap for IT teams to design meeting spaces that give employees a more human experience—at home, in the office, or wherever they are.

Some of the topics explored in the guide include:

To dig in deeper, we invite you to Strengthen the Human Experience in the Hybrid Workplace. Some of the topics include:

  • Designing meeting spaces from the user perspective
  • Technologies that enhance hybrid collaboration from Poly
  • Creating flexible rooms that support a human-centric experience
  • How to update traditional meeting spaces to create a better experience for remote participants


Technology is key to the hybrid workplace

Taking a human approach to the hybrid workplace means empowering people to be themselves in how they work and collaborate. With so many technology choices from Poly, it’s easy to provide employees with the tools and flexible spaces to work anywhere and in a variety of ways.

We invite you to read more in Strengthen the Human Experience in the Hybrid Workplace.


by | Jan 24, 2023