Discover the Steps to Improving Workplace Engagement

You’ve heard about workplace transformation, the evolution of the workforce, the impact of millennials, and the strategies to improve workplace engagement and productivity. You might have even been asked to address these concepts at your organization. Now is your chance to find out how to take that next-perhaps first- step toward an improved workplace.

At AVI-SPL’s TechXchange events, you will:

  • Improve your workplace engagement through space, design and technology
  • Learn how to apply better work experiences in your organization
  • Learn about the latest technology to streamline workplace collaboration
  • Meet with peers and share challenges/solutions
  • Get expert advice on your specific workplace challenges

If you’ve been tasked to do more with less, increase business agility, or help create the workplace environment that gives people the tools to innovate and collaborate, treat yourself to a valuable day of learning from experts and networking with peers- where the lunch is on us.

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Additional AVI-SPL Events You’ll Want to Attend

The changing nature of work is reshaping the workplace and redefining the technology that enables it. AVI-SPL’s newest event, TechX Mixer, has been created and designed to show you the experience that comes with working with AVI-SPL.  Join us for:

Seattle, WA
Bay Area, CA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Toronto, CAN
New York, NY
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