The Collaboration Space Podcast: Facilitate Flexible Hybrid Collaboration With These Simple AV Solutions

As workers return to the office, hybrid collaboration is the new normal. But what exactly does collaboration mean? Ultimately, collaboration is about working the best you can with your co-workers, but the way people get there is different.

In this video podcast, AVI-SPL and Sharp review how to choose the right collaborative solutions for your employees as your office reopens. They recommend you start by asking these two questions:

  • Who will be utilizing these collaboration tools?
  • How do those people prefer to collaborate?

Whatever your answers are, the key to facilitating successful hybrid collaboration is to stay flexible—and choose flexible solutions that can address multiple needs. Solutions to consider include video conferencing, mirroring and casting, and even immersive touch-controlled collaboration.

Sharp provides a variety of collaboration solutions that all have one thing in common: simplifying the experience for end-users. After a year and a half of working remotely with their personal devices, employees are not interested in learning how to use new collaboration hardware, especially if they will only be in the office a few times a month.

Tools such as the Windows interactive display or Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems lean towards open architecture and open platforms to support BYOD compatibility. Sharp displays integrate seamlessly with the software and devices employees are accustomed to using, and they connect with a single cable. Even as your employees readjust to life back in the office, their technology adaptation and comfort level will soar.

Our goal at AVI-SPL is to guide you toward these and other AV tools that will help your employees to thrive in the new hybrid workplace. We’d love to hear from you any time about your hybrid workplace needs.

To learn more about the Sharp collaboration solutions that can drive a successful return to work, watch our video podcast today.