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Explore the future of work at VIBE #AI

Transform Meetings and Collaboration with Microsoft Teams Premium and Copilot

Explore intelligent, inclusive, and collaborative meeting experiences – for all of us. Discover modern work technologies, such as intelligent transcription, real-time language translation, and advanced tools that make meetings more impactful, and dare we say – more fun!

AVI-SPL VIBE - Microsoft

Event date

December 7, 2023


Event time

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Event location

Online Microsoft Teams webinar

VIBE #AI panel discussion

We’re entering a new era of artificial intelligence, one that’s fundamentally changing how we relate to and benefit from technology. But are you skeptical about how AI can really help you collaborate better, work faster, and achieve more in the hybrid workplace – without sacrificing human creativity and problem solving?

Our panel will explore how AI supports meetings that are more productive, engaging, and inclusive. Picture a world where AI effortlessly takes care of repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: sharing ideas, sparking innovation, and creating connections.

Meet our speakers

VIBE AI speaker - Julian Phillips

Julian Phillips, moderator

Senior Vice President
Global Workplace Solutions

VIBE AI-speaker Karuana Gatimu

Karuana Gatimu

Principal Manager, Microsoft 365
Customer Advocacy Group

VIBE AI speaker Caroline Stanford

Caroline Stanford

Director, Product Marketing
Microsoft Teams

Ron Wolfe AVI-SPL Vice president Microsoft Practice

Ron Wolfe

Vice President
Microsoft Practice

Don’t miss these VIBE #AI highlights

  • AI-powered insights
    Experience how Microsoft Copilot AI provides real-time insights during meetings, helping you make data-driven decisions and boost productivity.
  • Enhanced collaboration
    Explore how AI-driven devices and tools are making teamwork more seamless, bridging geographical gaps, and fostering innovation.
  • The future of hybrid work
    Discover how Microsoft leads the charge in shaping the future of hybrid work environments with cutting-edge solutions that adapt to your needs.
  • It’s happening now
    Hear from Microsoft and AVI-SPL experts who will share their guidance, best practices, and success stories about using AI to boost their own productivity and creativity.

This is the future we’re building with VIBE #AI.

Want to know more about the ways that AI is transforming meetings and collaboration with Microsoft? We’ll cover these items and more at VIBE #AI.

Microsoft Teams

Top takeaways

  • Explore how AI empowers Microsoft Teams Rooms with intelligent cameras, speakers, and displays to create more inclusive and engaging hybrid meetings.
  • Understand how to prepare your ecosystem for Copilot and how to harness its incredible productivity tools.

Please note
VIBE is an exclusive virtual event open to end users and sponsoring partners only. With regret, we cannot accept vendor or manufacturer registrations.

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