Get Vibrant, Flexible Video Anywhere with PTZ Cameras


From video conferencing to remote learning to professional sports, clear and colorful video is a critical part of every unified communications platform. Steve Cooperman, Senior Product Manager at Canon, joins AVI-SPL’s Nancy Lussier in The Collaboration Space.

Nancy and Steve talk about how PTZ cameras can deliver vibrant video, flexible connections, and streaming capabilities in lecture halls, government buildings, meeting spaces, and more.

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What are PTZ Cameras, and What Can They Do?

Canon has a long history with networked security cameras, professional optics, and cinema cameras. Experience with all those technologies led to the development of Canon’s camera solutions. PTZ (i.e., pan, tilt zoom) cameras have made their way into various unified communication applications. These cameras provide professional video quality for video conferencing, professional sports, news, and live events.  

These video solutions allow remote, robotic control to pan the camera from side to side and tilt the camera up and down. For remote participants and viewers, PTZ cameras are the ideal way to give a full view of a room, such as a meeting space or lecture hall.

A smaller room might get full coverage from one camera. Larger spaces—such as a government facility—might have four or more cameras aligned in different places such as at eye level, in the ceiling, and at the corners of the room. 

Regardless of the number of devices you have, IP connectivity in Canon products allows for easy set up. A single cable solution can provide control, content, and power over a LAN cable. 

How Multiple Types of Connectivity Enable Live Streaming 


Canon PTZ cameras provide ultimate flexibility in set-up and usage with multiple types of connectivity. 

  • IP connectivity is used for streaming and control
  • USB connectivity enables the cameras to be compatible with collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams
  • Broadcast quality video connectivity with SDI outputs and HDMI
  • Traditional video connections for uses where the data is encoded to put on the system, or to send the video data to a projector, display, or switcher in a meeting room or other AV space

IP Connectivity

IP connectivity capabilities on Canon PTZ cameras also allows for multiple streaming protocols to enable high-quality video streaming over IP, including: 

  • NDI/HX
  • RTSP
  • RTP
  • RTMP
  • RTMP

RTMP enables you to send a high-quality live stream from your location—of a meeting or a lecture—directly to a Facebook or YouTube social media channel where remote participants can watch it. 

NDI®/HX also comes out of the box with Canon PTZ cameras. It delivers 4K live video across a standard ethernet connection to any NDI-enabled production device. Customers can take the video signal, edit it on a device, and then push it to a social media site. The signal can also be streamed to another building or campus. 

Get Maximum Flexibility

Regardless of the size of your room or the requirements of your video protocol, PTZ cameras from Canon deliver maximum flexibility in both setup and usage. For more help with all your live streaming and video conferencing needs, get in touch with AVI-SPL today.