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At Biamp, our goal is to make you sound great.

Whether in a conference call, presentation, or performance, we’re passionate about connecting people through extraordinary audiovisual experiences. For over 45 years, we’ve developed audio solutions that deliver natural sounding, clear communication with unparalleled ease of management.

Engineered to optimize productivity and maintain user focus on the conversation, our products provide seamless audiovisual experiences for meeting spaces of all sizes, including face to face and distance audio and video meetings. Let us show you how.

Biamp AVI-SPL Conference Room
Biamp Parle conferencing bar

Parlé Conferencing Bars

The next evolution in conferencing is here

Designed for small and midsized conference rooms, Parlé all-in-one conferencing bars combine a 27-microphone array, voice tracking technology, and more, to deliver a premium user experience every time.

Biamp’s conferencing bars are equipped with their groundbreaking Launch feature. With Launch, the audio performance of any conference room is analyzed and optimized at the touch of a button, making it easy to deliver extraordinary experiences consistently across your organization.


AVI-SPL and Biamp work together to create extraordinary AV user experiences in spaces large and small. From certified meeting room solutions to hybrid education to government facilities and beyond, Biamp’s innovative audiovisual solutions make genuine communication possible – whether across the room or around the globe.


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