The ongoing shift to a flexible workplace brought various benefits to employees and employers alike. However, with more meeting rooms, devices, and cloud management needs, your IT teams may be stretched thin. Let’s explore three ways to free up IT resources and still support your hybrid workplace. 

What’s the challenge? Nearly half of IT leaders say staffing shortages are their biggest challenge going into 2022. And 47% say they are struggling to find the right skill sets to round out their teams and meet evolving needs.  

 You may be meeting your team’s everyday needs but are strategic planning and innovation suffering as a result? IT teams need more time to focus on the big picture. And you can give it to them. Here’s how:

1. Get 24/7 help desk support for anywhere work, anytime

The shift to a “work from anywhere” model means both IT support staff and end users are more dispersed than ever. More technology in more places that needs repairs and preventative maintenance, plus tracking countless software licenses and warranties, can be a time-consuming headache for your IT team. 

Imagine if IT could hand off these everyday tasks to a reliable third-party help desk? Think of the time they would save. How valuable would it be for your business to let IT use those hours to focus on strategy and innovation? 

AVI-SPL Monitors and Manages Your Global Meeting Experience

2. Leverage automation to free up IT resources

What better way to save IT time than to have meeting room and device monitoring and management done for them automatically? The right
user experience management platform can find potential issues and open support tickets before users are affected and make tech support calls. Fewer emergency support tickets save stressed IT teams even more time. 

While shopping for the best solution for your needs, consider management platforms that can monitor meetings in real time, run nightly room sweeps to spot potential issues, and provide detailed analytics. IT leaders will know about meeting quality, which rooms are used most often, and which devices are platforms employees prefer.

Automate Meeting Space and Device Management with AVI-SPL Symphony

3. Explore managed services for your collaboration tech and infrastructure

If resources are stretched to the limit, or your staff doesn’t have the skillsets to manage your collaboration ecosystem, consider a managed services solution. You can leverage third-party expertise to proactively manage and monitor collaboration hardware, software, and cloud administration. 

Depending on the level of support you need, you can explore remote and on-site managed services options. Your teams can focus on the next big goal on your tech journey while external teams jump-start, run, and improve your collaboration systems along the way. 

Let AVI-SPL take the burden off your IT team

Turn to AVI-SPL for all three of these time-saving solutions to support your flexible workplace. Explore our
Services for IT to see which options are right for your needs. 

Let AVI-SPL help you ensure your collaboration technologies run smoothly and deliver a positive user experience. To learn more about the different ways AVI-SPL can help you free up IT resources, get in touch today