AVI-SPL is thrilled to announce our participation as a global AV/UC integrator in the Microsoft Places partner ecosystem. We’re honored to have been involved with Places since before its launch into Public Preview.

We also have established relationships with other Places partners, including Appspace, CBRE, Crestron Electronics, VergeSense, Cisco Spaces, and JLL.

“Our team was excited to discover how Places integrates with Microsoft 365  to reimagine hybrid and in-person work for both our global teams and our customers. We’ve launched Places at AVI-SPL and have assisted a global financial services enterprise with enabling and rolling out Places.


With our team of Microsoft experts, we are uniquely positioned to assist more of our valued customers bridge the physical and digital divide by creating modern workplaces equipped with technology that enables every employee to achieve their best outcomes. We look forward to forthcoming Places innovations, including Copilot integration, which will further enhance our Microsoft offerings and benefit our customers.”

Ron Wolfe, Vice President, Microsoft Practice, AVI-SPL

Microsoft Places is a new app that enables customers to support flexible work with AI-powered tools.

Redefining the purpose of the office

According to a Microsoft Work Trend Index survey, 73% of employees say they need a better reason to go to the office than just company expectations. Places aims to redefine the purpose of the office by providing better opportunities to connect with teammates and collaborate easily and effectively.

Addressing today’s hybrid workplace challenges

Places targets to solve top hybrid workplace challenges when teams return to the office, including:

  • Commute regret: No one wants to fight traffic and arrange childcare to come into the office only to work alone on their laptops.
  • Outdated spaces: Employees expect to work in spaces designed for today’s hybrid workplace needs. Spaces that lack modern tools and updated amenities don’t attract top talent or enable collaboration.
  • Missing data: When leaders don’t have data on employees’ evolving work habits, they can’t make informed decisions regarding policies and infrastructure.

“When spaces have meaning and purpose, they become places.” – Jared Spataro, Introducing Microsoft Places: Turn your spaces into places

Microsoft Places is designed to make coordinating in-office time and connecting with coworkers easier. Places works seamlessly across Microsoft 365 apps such as Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Using AI-powered tools backed by data, hybrid employees can easily:

  • Book rooms and desks
  • Share location schedules with each other
  • See when their managers expect them to visit the office

Microsoft Copilot integration

Plans for Microsoft Places include integrating Microsoft Copilot, which will intuitively help people choose the best time to be in the office. Then, employees can ask Copilot to adjust their schedules, locations, and in-person meetings based on this data.

Microsoft Places enhances space optimization

Places will also play an essential role for IT Admins and Real Estate and Facilities (RE&F) professionals, as well, by optimizing space utilization. AI will combine intent and actual occupancy patterns available in Places. This data gives administrators a clearer picture of the space available and what’s needed.

Contact AVI-SPL to get started.

AVI-SPL is excited to be a partner in the launch of Microsoft Places, the new app designed to transform physical spaces into places where your employees can connect and collaborate with ease. Contact us when you’re ready to launch Microsoft Places and refresh your spaces.

Read more about Microsoft Places in Microsoft’s blog.