Workplace flexibility today stems from our desire to work and collaborate efficiently from anywhere. We can do that with the help of ever-evolving audio visual and unified communications systems. Just a few years ago, it was not that simple.

In an exclusive interview with Technology Magazine, AVI-SPL Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation John Bailey explored the exciting evolution of workplace flexibility, the importance of AV/UC tech partnerships, and their role in the future of work.

Interview highlights

A pandemic inspires collaboration and workplace flexibility

John highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for the overnight adoption of collaboration technology.

Rapid tech implementation ensured that many businesses remained operational. Returning to the office became an option rather than an obligation as businesses discovered remote work was reasonably efficient. As a result, office design shifted to a collaboration-first mindset.

Fast-forward to 2024. End users want a more unified experience regardless of where they work. Cloud platform providers merged video, voice, contact center, corporate communications, and more to achieve a more streamlined and standardized work experience for all.

AVI-SPL has helped organizations use unified collaboration systems to create a more flexible and productive workplace for decades. Our long-time tech manufacturer and supplier partnerships are crucial to that success.

Partnerships elevate the workplace flexibility experience

John Bailey sees close collaboration between digital workplace service providers, tech manufacturers, and suppliers as essential to meeting demand and improving end user experiences.

Partnerships with providers like Crestron, Shure, and Q-SYS empower AVI-SPL to develop custom AV/UC solutions. Our experts design modern workplace solutions specific to client needs using the latest solutions.

John envisions even greater synergy and growth opportunities for AVI-SPL and its tech partners. He is particularly focused on addressing AI in the workplace. AI is evolving quickly. And John is excited to learn how technology manufacturers will further expand its capabilities.

Want the full story?

Read John Bailey’s interview, Delivering solutions for tomorrow’s workspaces, in May’s Technology Magazine issue. 

Read John Bailey’s interview, Delivering solutions for tomorrow’s workspaces, in May’s Technology Magazine issue.

AVI-SPL can help enhance workplace flexibility throughout your organization. Our AV/UC experts will collaborate with you to upgrade or develop custom unified collaboration systems featuring the latest tech. Contact us when you are ready to get started.