Bridging the human experience gap: how technology unites in-office and remote teams

Hybrid work flexibility and employee satisfaction benefits are undeniable, yet it creates a unique challenge: bridging the human experience gap between in-office and remote teams. The subtle nuances of body language, spontaneous coffee breaks, and hallway brainstorms can get lost in the ether of video calls and instant messages.

After making progress and attracting talent with hybrid options, what’s in store for 2024? Settling in and settling down. The great resignation has given way to the great stay. More employees are staying put, and employers are taking the time to create positive workplace experiences to keep them happy and productive.

So, hybrid work isn’t new, but it’s time to get it right. To get it right, you need to determine what “hybrid” means to you and human experience.

Fostering connections that bridge the human experience gap

For many organizations, designing a sustainable hybrid workplace creates a gap that IT leaders need to fill. How do you go from what we had pre-covid, to what we want now? We can leverage the latest collaboration technology to foster a cohesive, inclusive, and ultimately, a more human hybrid work experience.

Do you know what end users and line of business want in the hybrid workplace? Take a look at which devices and rooms are used or ignored. Ask your teams why they prefer certain options and what think is missing. That will help you figure out “your” ideal modern workplace.

And since more space must be video enabled to promote these human connections, it’s essential to choose solutions that are simple to deploy, and easy to use.

Quality video and audio matter

In addition to supporting communication and content sharing, video can spark social interactions. Professional-quality video allows everyone see to each other’s facial expressions and other non-verbal cues. For remote team members, video allows coworkers to show how they choose to dress and gives others a glimpse into their “home office cubicle.”

We can learn a bit about them from the human perspective. Are there paintings or guitars hanging on the wall, or is there a pet keeping your remote teammate company? If you see a virtual background, is company branded and classic, or bright and whimsical?

Everyone must hear and be heard too. The frustration of poor audio can lead to anxiety and negative emotions, impacting the overall well-being of participants. Clear audio minimizes these negative experiences, creating a more pleasant and productive environment. It allows participants to feel like they are physically present in the conversation, leading to stronger relationships and team cohesion.

Keep it simple to deploy, and easy to use

How do we get all this functionality to fill the human experience gap, but keep it simple for IT to deploy, and easy for teams to use? Lenovo ThinkSmart solutions were designed to be easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to manage.

  • For small to medium spaces, the Lenovo ThinkSmart One with IP Controller is the ideal collaboration solution. It includes a high-resolution camera with extra-wide field-of-view (FOV), premium sound for lifelike clarity, and a powerful compute running Microsoft Windows.
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kits for Microsoft Teams make it easy to outfit rooms of any size for immersive video calls. Kit options can include a Lenovo ThinkSmart Core processor, Lenovo ThinkSmart Cam, Lenovo ThinkSmart Bar, and either a Lenovo ThinkSmart Controller, or Lenovo IP Controller.
  • Support meeting equity for remote workers with Lenovo ThinkSmart View Plus for personal use. Purposely built for collaboration and certified for Microsoft Teams Display, this modular solution features a 27-inch multi-touch display, premium video and audio, and built-in computer for powerful productivity.
  • The Lenovo ThinkSmart Manager simplifies device management. This proprietary console provides your IT team with the ability to deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot Lenovo ThinkSmart devices from a single interface, regardless of the state or location of the devices.

Bridge the human experience gap with AVI-SPL and Lenovo

When you’re ready to refresh your workspace technology, the AVI-SPL team can help you choose the best Lenovo ThinkSmart solutions for your needs. Contact us to get started.