Many students have spent the past school year learning at home, but that doesn’t mean they have been learning in isolation. Collaboration is critical to a successful educational experience, perhaps today more than ever as students continue to learn in a variety of environments and circumstances.

Schools at every level need innovative audio and visual solutions, as well as comfortable and sustainable environments to help drive student collaboration and success.

Drive Successful Collaborative Education with Innovative Technology

HyFlex classrooms serve both remote and in-person students, and the right technology can help them collaborate easily even if they are not in the same place. Here are some tools that can help students anywhere clearly hear and see the content being shared during class time and other collaborative sessions:

  • Displays that provide crisp, clear images
  • Wireless media sharing, or easy single hardwire connections for content sharing
  • Video conferencing capabilities including software, as well as microphones, speakers, and cameras

Collaboration Solutions Create Sustainable Student Engagement

Even as students begin returning to the classroom, collaboration technology will continue to play a critical role in student engagement and success. Collaborative audiovisual solutions paired with a practical, comfortable learning space will help students learn and share from anywhere.

  • Sharp/NEC Display Solutions understands the technology challenges facing teachers, students, and administrators, and has several digital display solutions designed with schools in mind.
  • The NEC Collaborative Board Series is an all-in-one teaching solution, preloaded with interactive whiteboarding and wireless presenting software that makes it easy to share content and work together from any location and any device.
  • LCD Video Wall Displays installed in common areas can turn them into spaces where students can collaborate and communicate whenever they like.
  • High Definition Commercial Displays mounted in a large classroom or lecture hall will make content crisp, clear and easy to see, even for students who are sitting far away in a socially-distanced environment. 

Equip HyFlex Classrooms with Innovative Visual Solutions

Wherever students are completing their schoolwork, an immersive, collaborative experience is essential for a successful educational experience. AVI-SPL can help you identify and deploy the best solutions for maximum visual impact in your hybrid learning spaces.

Contact us today to get started on your own innovative visual solutions for collaborative education.