Since students attend classes on campus and from home, learning spaces must become more flexible to support how we provide educational experiences, and where we deliver them. That means educational institutions need the right technology to keep up. Let’s explore how display technology helps you create effective hybrid learning environments.

Modern classrooms need to accommodate hybrid, online, and flex learning, with students taking part from multiple locations, both synchronously and asynchronously. Social distancing and other health and safety requirements also mean that—even for in-person students—learning isn’t confined to the traditional classroom setting.

Budget-friendly displays can help schools achieve the connectivity and collaboration they need wherever learning is taking place.

Creating Hybrid Learning Environments Means Classrooms are Everywhere   

Gone are the days when school was synonymous with sitting at a desk and listening to a teacher lecture. Today’s educational experiences take many forms, including online learning and virtual learning, and those experiences happen in lots of different places.

Learning environments can include:

  • Traditional classrooms where students meet in person and participate in real-time 
  • HyFlex classrooms that accommodate both in-person and remote students
  • Hallways, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and other common spaces that are converted into mobile spaces for socially distanced learning 
  • Labs that require hands-on and interactive learning experiences 
  • Homes, where students access online learning and virtual classes

The challenge for educational institutions at every level is to create equal learning experiences for students, no matter where they are. Teachers need technology that helps them design inclusive learning models that put students first. 

Discover LG Large Format Displays
and Video Walls for Your Hybrid Learning Environments


students and teacher in hybrid learning environment with LG display


Keep Students Connected with Hybrid Learning Technology  from LG

Standardizing technology in the classroom and home learning environments helps create the same educational experience for every student, everywhere. Innovative products and services from LG, including budget-friendly display solutions, enhance student experiences and support the new normal of hybrid learning.

Some benefits that displays deliver include: 

  • Adaptable classroom environments. Flexible classroom technology, including non-touch displays, interactive displays, and desktop monitors, can create immersive experiences for in-person, remote, and hybrid learning, and can be configured to meet the evolving needs of each classroom. 
  • Expanded learning and socialization. Education technology such as video walls, interactive displays, and gaming monitors can enhance classroom experiences to help students participate in virtual field trips or specialized labs. These tools can also expand learning and support beyond the classroom to address learning loss, provide social and emotional services, and support after-school care. 
  • Safe in-person learning. For in-person students, educational technology plays a critical role in sustaining healthy and safe learning environments. Digital signage can be used to communicate emergency messages and health and safety protocols. Kiosks can provide easy, no-touch access to directions and wayfinding. Mobile carts equipped with interactive displays can turn common areas into socially distanced learning spaces. 

Get Collaboration Tools to Support Flexible Learning  

The needs of modern classrooms are always changing, so the best technology to support those needs is evolving, too. Education technology users need AV integration partners who can help them understand the good, better and best solutions available to address all the different ways learning takes place today.  

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