We’re living through challenging times. Because in the face of disruption, we’ve all had to adapt and improvise. For example, we’ve seen our work lives and home lives merge, bringing its own set of challenges. Among these challenges is planning for what comes next. And what comes next are the long-term steps you should take to improve your organization’s collaboration experience. That’s why now is the time to plan for and create your hybrid workplace.

With the right technology and guidance, you can bring together on-site and remote staff. AVI-SPL’s Concept Catalog has the information you need to confidently approach your workplace transformation project.

Hybrid workplace insights

In this new edition of our Concept Catalog, we explain how to create a hybrid workplace that connects people from anywhere. Plus, you’ll find other valuable articles and topics like:

  • How to deliver a better educational experience
  • Five traits you should look for in a digital workplace provider
  • The power of AVI-SPL Symphony, our user experience management application

The overview of AVI-SPL Symphony explains features like its single-pane view of your AV and UC estate. You’ll also learn about its ability to deliver the analytics you need to wisely invest in collaboration rooms and devices.

More resources in the Concept Catalog

You’ll find a wealth of information that shows how organizations like yours are benefiting from workplace transformation guided by AVI-SPL. To give just a few examples, this edition of the catalog shares:

  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) case study
  • How we can support your Microsoft Teams meeting rooms
  • Forrester Consulting’s “The Total Economic Impact of AVI-SPL’s Digital Workplace”

Read the NAIT case study and discover how we helped the school better serve its students and industry clients. And because we couldn’t put this issue together without our manufacturers, take a look at our partner section. That’s where you’ll find the products that are designed to enhance your hybrid workplace experience.

Contact AVI-SPL

If you read anything in the catalog that you’d like to learn more about, or if you have any questions about your challenges, connect with us at contact@avispl.com.