Ben Hardy from Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America visited The Collaboration Space podcast to discuss digital signage trends in the hybrid workplace. He shares insights on how customers are using displays today.

As organizations update the technology in their hybrid workplace, the need for digital signage has increased. With that comes the need for IT professionals to better manage and deliver content on the displays. Ben also shares how to address these customer pain points with digital signage solutions.

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How Customer Feedback Impacts Digital Signage Trends

Customers have become a critical resource to help Sharp NEC Displays. They help the team understand what technology customers need to accomplish their goals. Ben shared that many emerging hybrid workplace digital signage trends are based upon customer feedback. These trends include:

  • Customers are learning that they don’t necessarily need all of the digital signage functionality they had in the past. What they do need is a reliable, bright, clear, and trustworthy display that can effectively and efficiently show health and safety messaging.
  • Accurately displaying critical information quickly is essential. That’s why customers need easy content distribution and simple and secure ways to control the display.
  • Due to proximity limitations, conference rooms are being utilized differently now, so customers are looking for dual-purpose displays. A conference room display can show digital signage messaging, for example, and automatically switch to a presentation device when someone enters the room.  

Match Digital Signage Solutions to Customer Pain Points

The Sharp NEC Displays team strives to understand customer needs. Once goals are identified, they develop products in an agile way to solve those needs and alleviate pain points.

Equally important is to educate the customer on the features and functionality of digital signage technology. Occasionally a customer may not be using the technology to its full potential. For example, a commercial display in a conference room may have programmable triggers. A trigger can react when a user walks into a room, allowing the display to be used as a presentation device.

The Message Series Digital Signage Portfolio from Sharp NEC Displays offers a tiered approach to correctly align a display with a customer depending on their needs and applications. These commercial displays provide basic functionality while seamlessly integrating into the modern hybrid workplace. 

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