Elastic Digital Workplace Series #3: Delivering Long-Term Business Continuity

Welcome to the third installment of our elastic digital workplace series: delivering long-term business continuity. The pandemic showed us that businesses must pivot quickly, even overnight. Financial stability and employee engagement are musts for long-term success.

That means developing a business continuity plan that will ensure you’re ready for the next global shift. When it happens, whatever it is, will you be better prepared? How will you ensure employees can easily keep working and and systems keep running as usual?

  • Enter, the hybrid workplace.

Video Meeting Cloud Migration in a Flash

Thanks to COVID-19, migrating meeting solutions to the cloud moved up to #1 on our to-do lists. Companies that already took this step had a jumpstart on allowing everyone to work from home full-time.

Now, you can review those much-needed options to determine permanent solutions. Glitchy meetings and unwanted guests brought cybersecurity and audio and video stability issues to the forefront. Delivering long-term business continuity means providing safe and reliable cloud solutions in the office, and at home.

To ensure long-term success and employee engagement, go beyond essential audio and video. Offer your employees virtual meetings with enhanced capabilities such as blurred or custom backgrounds and tools that limit background noise. That way, your team members can present a professional appearance, even from the attic, like Suzie does in this Cisco video.


Upgrading Tech and Cash Flow Management Can Coexist

And, there are so many unified communications and video meeting options. How do you choose the best one for your needs? What if two-three years from now, you want to upgrade to the latest and greatest gear?

Consider financing vehicles, including leasing and AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS). Financing offers predictable payments instead of making a large cash outlay at once. At the end of the term, options include upgrading your technology.


Give Your IT Support Team Some Backup For Delivering Long-Term Business Continuity

Also, it’s likely your tech support phone lines lit up during the first weeks of the pandemic. Team members had to learn new video meeting solutions fast, or may have installed software on their own. Consider bringing in some help.

Our team will support your UCC technology in the office and remote workers that use it. AVI-SPL’s provides 24/7 support from our global service operations centers around the world. Your internal teams can focus on other goals that support long-term business continuity.

That wraps up our three-part elastic digital workplace introduction. Look for more articles each week focusing on the three keys to hybrid workplace success: employee engagement, physical and emotional well-being, and long-term business continuity.

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