While many people value the flexibility of remote work, some feel it’s not the same as collaborating in person. In fact, in a recent Gartner survey, respondents said that 54% of their employees want to return to the office for impromptu face-to-face time.

So, as we settle into the hybrid workplace for the long term, do you wonder if your collaboration tools empower teamwork between office and remote personnel?

With the right solutions, you can help teams feel more connected and creative. Let’s explore how to empower hybrid teamwork with Microsoft Surface Hub 2S.

Leaders still need their teams to build meaningful relationships, share ideas, and work securely toward a common goal – Microsoft Hybrid Workplace eBook.

Update your workspaces

 Did your teams return to meeting rooms filled with outdated tech? Compared to connecting at home, joining a meeting in a conference room may seem complicated. It shouldn’t be. Upgrading your workspaces with the latest collaboration tools can make in-office meetings simple to join.

That way, teams can spend more time sharing ideas and less time getting technology to work for them.

With Surface Hub 2S, any space can become a teamwork space. Optional features like the rolling cart and battery allow teams to move wherever they feel productive. Participants can start meetings on Surface Hub 2S quickly with an integrated camera, speakers, and microphone array certified for Microsoft Teams.

They can also extend the meeting to larger spaces with support for additional audio and visual accessories certified for Teams.

Leverage UC platforms you already have

With all the disruption in the past few years, it’s helpful to keep some consistency in the office. That said, now may not be the ideal time to switch UC platforms. Microsoft Teams users grew from 75 million users in April 2020 to 145 million in 2021 and were 270 million strong as of January 2022.

If your teams are among the millions of Microsoft Teams users, they may want to stick with it. Surface Hub 2S makes that easy to do by offering the same Microsoft Teams experience they have on the desktop platform.

It’s a Windows 11 Pro or Windows 11 Enterprise communication and collaboration platform complete with Microsoft Teams and Teams Rooms compatibility.

The right meeting experience can make all the difference in engaging team members, whether Surface Hub 2S is used in a personal space with Windows 11 Pro or Windows 11 Enterprise, or in shared spaces using Microsoft Teams Rooms. Microsoft Teams Rooms on Surface Hub 2S is designed to enable collaboration on a device that is built for employees to meet and co-create, wherever they work. – Microsoft Hybrid Workplace eBook

Create a human-centric experience

People in boxes that remind us of The Brady Bunch or Hollywood Squares don’t create an in-room meeting experience for remote users. Together Mode helps solve that problem by putting everyone on equal footing.

Other human-centric enhancements like Microsoft Teams emojis and reactions help users communicate emotions and share their excitement.

In addition, meeting room cameras and microphones must enable everyone in the room and connecting remotely to hear and see each other clearly.

Surface Hub 2S’s sharp video with 4k cameras helps foster more natural, human connections among hybrid teams. Also, its wide-array far-field mics ensure remote users hear everyone in the office.

Collaborate in the cloud to empower teamwork anywhere

Hybrid work leaders must fuel ideation for everyone, everywhere. As a result, all meeting participants should have access to the same tools such as whiteboarding, messaging, and file sharing. Otherwise, teams could lose out on the spontaneity of brainstorming sessions.

Surface Hub 2S is a complete Windows 11 Pro or Windows 11 Enterprise communication and collaboration platform with Microsoft Teams, Whiteboard, and Office 365. This all-in-one device offers the best of Microsoft collaboration tools – all backed by the intelligent cloud.

Make teams feel secure

Employees can forget to erase meeting notes on a physical whiteboard or to take pictures of the content with an unsecured personal device.

It’s easier for teams to share ideas when they know meetings and information are secure. Choose collaboration tools and software with robust security features.

When running on the Windows Team edition OS, Surface Hub 2S protects people’s ideas and company data with built-in security.

Meeting sessions are deleted so that important information is never left on the device after the user signs out. When users sign in to Apps or My Meetings and Files, they’re signed in only to the apps or services, not to the OS.


Empower hybrid teamwork today

Contact AVI-SPL to get started. As a Microsoft Gold Tier Hub Authorized Device Reseller and Surface Hub Partner of the Year finalist, AVI-SPL is an experienced digital services provider that can help you integrate the Surface Hub’s capabilities into your environment.