As workers continue their return to the office, meeting equity is a top priority. Organizations need meeting spaces with video teleconferencing and collaboration technology that give users the same experience no matter where they are.

We sat down with Frank Buchholz from Microsoft to talk about two meeting rooms solutions that can provide the equitable and immersive collaboration experience you need. 

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As companies continue planning for employees’ return to the office, certain trends are emerging. Employers are increasingly adopting hybrid workplace technology that empowers employees who are working on-site, and those working remotely. You also need to support team members going back and forth between the two.

How Microsoft Teams Rooms and Microsoft Surface Hub Help Teams Connect

To create a democratized meeting environment, you need tools that allow users to communicate with anyone anywhere. These Microsoft solutions do just that:

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms. This solution gives users the same interface to control meeting room technology whether it is a simple collaboration space or an integrated system with cameras, microphones and speakers. Microsoft Teams Rooms also make it easy to scale video conferencing capabilities to all your meeting spaces. Regardless of what room they are meeting in, users will find the same, familiar interface everywhere.
  • Microsoft Surface HubMicrosoft Surface Hub offers a great meeting experience and integrates with Microsoft Teams. It also enables the ability to collaborate through virtual whiteboarding. Users can walk up to a Surface Hub to join a meeting, whiteboard, or connect to other devices. The Surface Hub can run a web browser so you can run web apps, or you can install and run native apps that you’ve purchased from the Microsoft store.

How to Monitor Your Microsoft Meeting Room Solutions 

Hybrid work can sometimes make it more complicated to monitor and manage your collaboration technology because your IT team is not always on-site, but Microsoft has a solution for that, too. 

You can manage devices through Microsoft Endpoint Manager, but monitor them through Microsoft Teams Admin Center.  Microsoft Teams Admin Center lets you look at all your devices, see their status and call history, and diagnose any issues the devices might have. 

These tools also give you the flexibility to monitor and manage the devices yourself or hand that work over to a third-party integrator or support team. 

Support Hybrid Work with Collaboration Technology from Microsoft  

In the new age of hybrid work, your teams expect and deserve the same meeting experience no matter where they are. Equipping your collaboration spaces with these tools from Microsoft can help you deliver it.  Let’s talk about how to create an equitable hybrid workplace with Microsft. Get in touch with AVI-SPL today