As we settle into hybrid work being the norm, organizations must equip more spaces for video meetings. That includes upgrading rooms of all sizes to accommodate everything from one-on-one meetings to collaboration sessions with an entire team. Everyone should be able to connect to a meeting from anywhere easily and feel connected and valued. Let’s look at ways HP Presence solutions foster human connections from any room.

To get started, consider common pain points for hybrid meetings regarding the human experience. A Forrester study commissioned by AVI-SPL noted that leaders are concerned about making experiences more human-centric on both sides of video collaboration. Meaning that people in the room and those joining remotely could all feel like second-class citizens.

So how do we make everyone feel included in hybrid meetings, whether in the room or an individual workspace? You can leverage the latest collaboration solutions to ensure that all hybrid meetings are inclusive and productive. Here’s how.

Boost meeting equity and creativity

Everyone needs to see and hear each other, that we know. But how do we help hybrid teams hear and see better? Let’s say we have eight people in a brainstorming session. Three people are off-site. One of them has an idea. How can we get everyone’s attention focused on that person? Technology can do that for us.

HP Presence meeting space solutions are designed to let everyone be heard, no matter where they are. 4K, AI-powered cameras with brilliant sharpness, picture-in-picture capability, and automatic framing, spotlight the person speaking. Team members won’t have to fight for attention in a crowded meeting space (physical or virtual) and worry if others will see and hear them. The technology does the work.

And the smart camera always frames the people in the room automatically. This puts the focus on the people in the room and not the space. Along with stellar video, quality is sound in the room, and in personal workspaces is essential for making human connections. HP Presence Sounds Bars deliver a premium audio experience with studio-quality components, so everyone feels included in the conversation.

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Focus on continuity and ease of use

Some team members likely move between the office and home during the work week. Joining a meeting and collaborating in real time should be seamless. Outfitting all of your meeting rooms with the same family of hardware makes it easy for a person to start or join a meeting. Team members won’t miss any of the conversation because they were late to the meeting while figuring out how to get the technology to work.

Creating and following technology standards helps ensure your meeting spaces use similar solutions  with various configurations for different-sized rooms. It’s easy to outfit every room with HP Presence this way. Solutions include pre-configured packages and options you can customize or upgrade for different spaces.

Choose from configurations for huddle rooms for a few participants to large conference rooms with 12 or more seats.  For off-site team members, devices embedded with HP Presence, like an all-in-one conferencing PC, create an end-to-end human collaboration experience.

Simplify support

Continuity among your tech makes it easier for IT support, too, since they have fewer options to monitor and maintain. In addition, you can upgrade your rooms with HP Presence services to simplify support even further. This suite of service add-ons helps your team fix common issues like missing chairs and temperature changes and monitor device health and upgrades.

Get started with HP Presence

As discussed earlier, a Forrester Consulting study noted that creating a human-centric experience in the hybrid workplace is top of mind for business leaders. Leveraging technology purposely designed to create human connections helps your distributed team members stay engaged and productive.  AVI-SPL is here to help when you’re ready to upgrade your conference rooms and collaboration spaces with HP Presence solutions, now shipping globally.

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