With 280 million monthly active users, Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular unified communications and collaboration (UCC) platforms in the world today.

Logitech and Microsoft work together to provide inclusive meeting experiences for people and teams wherever they are located.

If you are searching for new collaboration technologies to elevate your meetings, here are four ways Microsoft Teams-certified Logitech devices can enhance your Microsoft Teams meeting experience.

Scalable to fit any workspace

Logitech has solutions for personal offices to boardrooms ideal for Microsoft Teams.

With Logitech devices, you can create a solution that works for any collaboration space or layout.  For your meeting room start with the:

  • Logitech Conferencecam
  • Tap touch controller
  • Tap Scheduler
  • Scribe

Logitech solutions give you the flexibility to switch and scale as your needs evolve.

Better anywhere work meeting experiences

Logitech Brio

For remote or end users choosing to communicate from a personal workspace, Brio, Logitech’s premium 4K webcam, autofocuses to perfectly frame the user. The camera’s presets allow the user to adjust the field of view from 65 to 78 and a 90-degree field of view, letting the user decide how much of their surroundings they want to share.

Meet, stream, and record with Brio in any light and always look your best. From low light to bright backlit sunshine, RightLight™ 3 and high dynamic range (HDR) technology automatically adjusts to always highlight the most important subject – you.

Logitech Zone True Wireless

Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds provide outstanding audio quality. Hybrid ANC blocks distracting noise and helps you focus, while Transparency mode is handy for chatting and hearing people over traffic noise without removing your earbuds.  Connect Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds to your computer and smartphone simultaneously.

Use native Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone seamlessly with the included USB receiver plugging into your computer for extra-reliable wireless connectivity.

Advanced multipoint technology makes it easy to seamlessly switch between the two active audio sources and never miss a call. Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds work seamlessly with common calling applications across almost all platforms and operating systems; certifications include Microsoft Teams.

Logitech Rally Bar

Rally Bar is Logitech’s Premier all-in-one video bar for medium to large rooms. Level the playing field for remote participants by providing a clear view of who’s speaking and who’s in the room. With RightSight 2 Grid View, Rally Bar complements Teams Rooms dynamic view to provide the room context that matters.

Rally Bar’s advanced audio engineering delivers powerful, room-filling sound and makes sure every voice is clearly heard.  Easily accommodate larger spaces with Rally Mic Pods. Out of the box, Rally Bar has a pickup range up to 23 ft (7 m), which you can significantly extend by adding up to four Mic Pods.  Rally Bar is certified for Microsoft Teams on Windows and Microsoft Teams on Android.

Logitech Rally Bar Mini

Rally Bar Mini is Logitech’s premier all-in-one video bar for small rooms and huddle spaces.  Remarkably simple to use, manage, and deploy at scale, Rally Bar Mini delivers all the capabilities of Rally Bar in a compact form factor for smaller spaces. With studio-quality audio and video, motorized pan and tilt, and AI-powered performance, Rally Bar Mini sets new standards for video collaboration.

Easily accommodate larger spaces with Rally Mic Pods. Out of the box, Rally Bar Mini has a pickup range of up to 23 ft (7 m), which you can significantly extend by adding up to three Mic Pods.  Rally Bar Mini is certified for Microsoft Teams on Windows and Microsoft Teams on Android.

Simple Microsoft Teams Room connectivity and use

If your organization is planning a transition or has already transitioned to Microsoft Teams Rooms, you know these are flexible and hassle-free collaboration environments.

Logitech devices are designed to make your Microsoft Teams Rooms even easier to manage. With solutions like Logitech Tap, a user can join a meeting with one touch of the screen.

Video Conferencing with Easy One-Touch-Join

Device management and monitoring from a single pane of glass

Now more than ever, teams need to be able to work together regardless of location.

Whether employees are in the office, at home, or somewhere else, Sync helps everyone stay connected by letting you ensure their Logitech video collaboration devices are healthy and up to date.

And it allows you to quickly configure features in meeting rooms to best suit your organization’s needs.  Sync supports large-scale video deployments while minimizing site visits and trouble tickets—all from a simple browser-based user interface. Sync enables Real-time Room Updates and Monitoring, an Executive Dashboard, Firmware Updates (either on-demand or scheduled): Bulk Provisioning; RightSight Integration, and Scalability.

Already using Microsoft Teams® admin center? Sync complements Teams admin center to give you comprehensive device management, including meeting room and personal collaboration devices.

Sync also connects to AVI-SPL Symphony, providing flexibility for how you manage your Windows® and Mac® based video conferencing systems.

Which Microsoft Teams-certified Logitech devices meet your needs?

The Microsoft-certified devices featured above are just a few of what Logitech offers. Therefore, finding the right solutions for your business will take time and research. But these decisions don’t have to rest on your IT team’s shoulders.

AVI-SPL can help you design your Microsoft Teams Rooms with the right tools from Logitech

Your Microsoft Teams Rooms are a core component of your business. Ensuring each space has the right tools to support a quality meeting experience for your workforce is essential.

And AVI-SPL can help you find the right Logitech solutions to fit your needs. Our AV and UCC experts can help introduce and operationalize your Logitech solutions. And, if you get us involved early, we can prepare, and educate and train your staff to boost tech and platform adoption.

Contact us today to see which Logitech solutions best serve your anywhere workforce.