How many video meetings do you have each day compared to pre-COVID workdays? If you’re like most of us working in a hybrid workplace, or working from home full time, it’s a lot. Video-first has quickly become a necessity. As a result, more hybrid workspaces must be equipped with video conferencing tools. In one of its latest whitepapers, Frost & Sullivan explores one of the newest players on the scene, the all-in-one video conferencing bar.

“As video becomes the go-to communications mode the need for simplicity, manageability and control has never been greater. A new category of ALL-IN-ONE VIDEO CONFERENCING BARS has emerged at a fast pace to become a compelling form factor for IT buyers as well as end users.” 

-“Revolutionize the Meeting Experience with Robust All-In-One Video Conferencing Bars” Frost & Sullivan whitepaper sponsored by Logitech.

IT Goals Meet User Preferences

Choosing video conferencing tools isn’t always easy. Different stakeholders, including IT support and end users, have different priorities.  IT needs devices they implement quickly and manage easily to enable more spaces for video conferencing.

End users have been working from home and have grown accustomed to using their own devices. Teams want the flexibility to collaborate their way once they return to the office. BYOD capability and the ability to switch from leading platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom are essential. Enter the all-in-one video conferencing bar.

Frost and Sullivan discusses how to marry IT goals with user preferences when choosing video conferencing solutions.

Frost & Sullivan All-in-One Video Conferencing Bar Solution Spotlight: Logitech Rally Bars

The paper also includes a Solution Spotlight section that features Logitech Rally Bars.

The Solution Spotlight illustrates how Logitech Rally Bars meet the needs of your IT support team and end users. Rally Bars deliver essential capabilities, such as:

  • One-click join
  • Seamless wired and wireless content sharing
  • Rich, natural sound and lifelike video
  • Light and sound sensors
  • Plug-and-play deployment
  • AI enhanced optics to improve auto-framing and cameral control
  • Automated noise suppression, echo cancellation, and auto leveling
  • Built-in cable management to reduce clutter

In summary, Frost & Sullivan notes three keys to making the right video conferencing solution for your organization. Tools should be simple to deploy, simple to use, and simple to manage.

Get full details in the Frost & Sullivan “Revolutionize the Meeting Experience with Robust All-In-One Video Conferencing Bars,” whitepaper sponsored by Logitech.

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