As life slowly returns to normal, schools get to choose the best way to deliver their educational experience. And both in-person and remote learning are back on the table. Many educational institutions are opting for a hybrid learning model that combines the best of in-person and remote learning for teachers and students alike.

But to succeed, hybrid learning environments need the right audiovisual and collaboration solutions. Clear, reliable audio is at the top of the list.

Clear Audio Overcomes Common Hybrid Learning Challenges

In a hybrid learning environment students have more control over when, how, and where they learn, which can improve their engagement and performance. Hybrid learning models can include:

  • Students attend some classes online and some in person
  • Students attend a class in person some days and online other days
  • Students have the option of attending class online or in person
  • Students learn in a HyFlex (hybrid flexible) format, where schools offer each class session course in person, synchronously online, and in an asynchronous format

In each of these models, teachers need the right tools so every student feels like they are in the “front row” no matter where they are. To deliver that experience, you need quality audio solutions. The right microphones, speakers, and sound reinforcement can help you overcome some of the most common audio challenges of the hybrid learning space, including:

  • Clear audio during live streamed classes, or when the teacher is presenting remotely
  • Complete audio coverage in large rooms where students and teachers are social distancing
  • Enhanced audio and hearing assistance to accommodate mask wearing and other hearing impairments
  • Intelligible audio for recorded lectures and presentations
  • Audio interoperability with your preferred videoconferencing platform

Maximize Hybrid Learning Benefits with the Right Audio Solutions

Sennheiser provides audio interfaces that make your learning environments easier to design, operate and maintain. Solutions that improve speech intelligibility to improve communication include:

  • TeamConnect Ceiling 2 with dynamic beamforming technology, TrueVoicelift, and advanced zone control for best-in-class audio coverage in classrooms and lecture halls
  • SpeechLine wired microphones, which ensure audio intelligibility for remote conferencing and presentations and seamlessly integrate into any educational environment
  • SpeechLine Digital Wireless, an IT-optimized wireless microphone system with the flexibility and reliability for individualized use in classrooms of any size
  • The MobileConnect assistive listening solution with WiFi transmission and BYOD compatibility for true campus-wide audio inclusion
  • Integrated digital audio solutions—including centralized device control—to create a scalable campus-wide audio infrastructure
  • The Sennheiser Control Cockpit, a central software solution that provides an overview of all network-enabled devices at any time, and lets you manage them from a centralized location

Start Designing the Optimal Hybrid Learning Environment Today

Just like students and instructors now have a lot of choices for how, when, and where they teach and learn, you have a lot of choices about the best way to design your hybrid learning spaces and the best technology solutions to make those spaces productive for everyone.

To start identifying and meeting your hybrid learning needs, get in touch with a representative of AVI-SPL today.