The hybrid university is here to stay! The challenge is making hybrid learning impactful for in-person and remote participants. With the latest lecture capture technology solutions, it is possible.  

Standard lecture capture technologies, like video conferencing cameras, microphones, and audio devices, paired with web-based communication platforms, ensure a day’s lesson is viewable for everyone. But is the learning experience meaningful? 

We have all been that student in the classroom that missed something. Perhaps the professor was talking too fast for us to keep up. Maybe we did not understand a concept and needed more explanation. Now add remote audiences with home distractions and less than stellar internet connections into the mix.  

Simple distractions create disengaged and disjointed learning environments. Lectures stop inspiring meaningful material interaction, hindering lesson plans, and muddling messages. 

Over time, lecture disruption can spread across a university, affecting rankings, student recruitment, faculty turnover, and student transfer rates.

5 Steps For Auto-Tracking in the HyFlex Classroom

Featuring Vaddio’s IntelliSHOT ePTZ Camera for Lecture Capture.

New Lecture Capture Solutions Drive Productive Engagement in Hybrid Learning


Remote and in-person students need the same quality education. And students need assurances that every professor-student interaction is seen, heard, and understood.  

The latest lecture capture solutions use intuitive AV technologies to enable: 

  • Camera switching from professor to presentation to student
  • Lecture recording and distribution to a central online hub for easy access and repeat viewing 
  • The record and release of supplemental content pre- or post-class for the next assignment 

These hybrid learning advancements ensure:  

  • Everyone has the opportunity to understand the lesson 
  • Professors have greater control over lesson cadence and flow
  • Productive real-time interaction and engagement across the hybrid university

Professors can confidently communicate and interact with students, knowing their message will be received effectively and clearly.  

For students, frantic note taking, mid-lecture clarification questions, or missing class because of illness are no longer concerns. 

Faculty and students can thrive through productive engagement and share a compelling educational experience in-person and remote with new lecture capture solutions. 


Elevate Hybrid Learning with Legrand | AV Lecture Capture Technologies


Legrand | AV offers a suite of lecture capture technology solutions tailored to fit your hybrid university needs and goals, including: 

  • Vaddio IntelliSHOT Auto-tracking cameras 
  • Vaddio RoboTRAK Presenter tracking systems 
  • Vaddio EasyIP family of AV over IP cameras, microphones, speakers, and presentation mixers 
  • Vaddio AV Bridge 2×1 Presentation Switcher
  • Vaddio StepVIEW automation trigger mats and AutoVIEW IR sensor kits
  • Vaddio AutoVIEW sensor kits
  • Chief Above/Below display camera mounts for IntelliSHOT

Let us help you ensure that whether students and professors are in the classroom or miles away, everyone is engaged in the hybrid learning experience. 

Contact AVI-SPL for more details about how we can integrate the latest HyFlex classroom solutions into your classroom or lecture hall.