The global impact of COVID-19 has transformed the higher-education landscape. Schools are facing challenges including limited access to lecture theaters. And they need new methods for engagement. As a result, universities must reinvent teaching models to provide a high level of interactivity while meeting the need for safe, hybrid environments.

Better Learning in Hybrid Classrooms

Sony’s flexible, hands-free hybrid solutions help education institutions build touchless hybrid classrooms. They also give students instant access to high-quality academic content on their laptop, phone, or tablet, whenever and wherever they want it. Immersive sound and clear pictures mean that students can hear and see the blackboard or whiteboard on their devices with the same clarity as they would in the lecture hall.

The Sony REA-C1000 Improves Your Presentations

Artificial intelligence is enhancing the learning experience with the Sony Edge Analytics application – the REA-C1000. Edge uses artificial intelligence technology to improve the quality of communication by empowering the presenter to deliver content that engages their audience. There are five different software licenses, but the most applicable to the classroom environment are Handwriting Extraction and PTZ Auto Tracking.

Handwriting extraction uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology to ensure that words and diagrams written on a white or black board are extracted and displayed in real time in front of the presenter like a floating board, even when the presenter is obstructing the view. It helps record the presenter’s ideas on video and transmit them to an audience attending in-person or virtually.

PTZ Auto Tracking can accurately and smoothly track a professor, ensuring they stay in focus and within the frame throughout their presentation. This feature offers users a cost-effective tracking solution without having to invest in a camera operator.

When you need to combine video, audio, and display technology, the Sony team can make recommendations to outfit small-to-large classrooms environments.