As we emerge from the cautions and restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us are going back to the office. Maybe not all the time. And maybe not until the fall or 2022. If the research and the opinions of our peers are any indication, most likely not five days a week. But we’re going back.

Is it ready for us?

And how do we make this hybrid work scenario a success?

We all have a part to play in shaping the office to suit the ways we want to work. What that readiness looks like may vary from company to company. But there are some common needs we have to address. Needs we’ve suspected were true based on our preferences and conversations with coworkers, but that resonate when we have facts to back up our personal experiences.

These facts emerged clearly after I read the brief but enlightening “Outlook for the post-covid workplace: hybrid, employee-centric, and engaged. This report by Barco ClickShare offers a snapshot — as told through user surveys — of where we are in our work moment when it comes to collaboration and related technology solutions. It also shows what we need to do to improve the work experience and keep our businesses moving forward.

In the rest of this LinkedIn article, I discuss today’s timely issues, including:

  • How we want to work
  • Why technology standards matter
  • How to get a consistent collaboration experience
  • Reference designs for your meeting spaces

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