For the past year, your company has likely been focused on keeping your staff connected with one another and their clients as they work from home and other remote locations. But budget restraints may have kept you from addressing your office spaces, which are so important to collaborative efforts. Those areas also need to be upgraded as your employees gradually re-enter the workplace.

In a webinar published by Salamander Designs, AVI-SPL’s Shaun Barkman explains the process of helping companies understand how easily they can improve their office collaboration environment when they have the right partners.

Bring Stakeholders Together

During Shaun’s discussion with Salamander’s Chris Discotto, they provide insight into their work for an enterprise client that needed help with its shift into workplace transformation. Along the way, they address important issues like:

  • The process of understanding what key stakeholders want
  • Leading conversations with product demos
  • AVI-SPL and Salamander’s process for specifying the right solutions
  • The life cycle of Salamander furniture

As you’ll hear, Barkman emphasizes the need to bring the IT and real estate departments together during conversations about improving the physical workplace.

Salamander’s article on this enlightening conversation ends by explaining the products and features that make Salamander furniture a great choice for your workplace transformation.

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