Employers want workers back in the office, but not everyone is ready to return just yet. Hybrid workplace essentials like collaboration tools gives employees the flexibility to do what feels most comfortable, while delivering the productivity employers need. 

To facilitate a return to the office, employers need to provide technology solutions that support employee engagement while also alleviating common points of concern about in-person work.

We sat down with Logitech during our latest podcast to discuss collaboration solutions that power productivity and engagement, including:

  • Audio visual peripherals such as cameras, microphones, and desktop speakers that enable in-person employees to participate in meetings from their desks to preserve social distancing
  • Voice activated meeting room technology so participants can launch meetings in a shared space without touching anything
  • Wireless casting for laptops and mobile devices to reduce interactions with shared hardware and to facilitate meetings outside of small, shared space

Watch the podcast to learn more

Hybrid Workplace Essentials for Remote Teams

Now what about employees who are still working remotely, or mobile employees who are collaborating on the go? They also need the right tools to create a meeting experience that is just as good and productive as what in-person employees are having. A few tips:

  • Don’t just pick the cheapest remote work hardware package for at-home employees. To feel included they need to see and hear clearly and reliably.
  • Do standardize your video conferencing platform. Using the same software for everyone will create a more seamless and equitable meeting experience.

IT Needs Support Too

Finally, don’t forget about your IT department. A hybrid workplace with AV and IT assets spread everywhere complicates the job of tracking and managing those assets. A solution like Logitech Select can help by providing a single portal for tracking and managing every IT asset. Real-time monitoring lets IT staff know when devices need updating or troubleshooting before the help desk tickets start pouring in. 

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