Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared our advice for connecting your employees wherever they are working. In a previous post, we explained why planning for a hybrid workplace is important. We’ve also identified traits to look for in a digital workplace services partner. You’ll be pleased to see we’ve also created a guide that will show you how to build a hybrid workplace that supports in-person and remote work.

Building your hybrid workplace

Download this AVI-SPL paper and you’ll learn about issues like:

  • Determining who creates the hybrid workplace. Learn about the challenges you can solve once you have a committee in place.
  • Empowering employee engagement. Seamless collaboration powered by tools like Microsoft Teams will keep talented people engaged and productive.
  • Creating a safe and productive hybrid workplace. Decide who needs to be at the office at certain times. Support them with tools like room occupancy sensors, touchless meeting controls, and digital signage.
  • Ensuring business continuity. Invest in the right technology tools for reliable communication, and train your users to use them effectively.
  • Managing your workplace technology. The ideal management solution empowers your IT department to monitor and manage your AV and collaboration tools.

Essential collaboration tools

You’ll also learn about the kinds of technology that should be a part of your workplace, including:

  • Unified communications
  • Virtual collaboration
  • Touchless meeting controls
  • Digital signage

With these solutions in place, you will have a digital workplace that supports employee engagement and maintains their well-being in the workplace. It will also help ensure long-term business continuity by giving your talent the tools to collaborate from anywhere.

Download this AVI-SPL guide

Click the button below to request your copy of “How to Build a Productive Hybrid Workplace.” If you have any questions about the guide or want to discuss your challenges with helping your staff collaborate, contact us here.