Three ways AI cameras are reshaping hybrid meetings

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in entertainment, news, writing, and the hybrid workplace. People have concerns about the power of AI in specific applications. But in hybrid meetings, there are some exciting benefits. Here are three ways AI cameras are reshaping how we communicate in hybrid meetings.

Intuitive camera tracking helps you keep up with hybrid meeting conversations

We upgraded our hybrid meeting spaces with tech for equitable communication and collaboration. Some setups let us see every speaker interaction. And others captured the room.

AI is elevating video capture by detecting physical movement and speech between individuals. Now, pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras can follow presenters, follow team conversations, and shift each time someone speaks.

As more people enter a space, camera views can expand to accommodate each person. Yealink’s UVC86 4K intelligent camera operates similarly.

The AI-driven 4K dual-eye camera’s PTZ capabilities allow it to frame the best picture of everyone in a room.

With 12X optical zoom and a 90-degree field of view, the device supports a panoramic view that detects participant entry and movement in real-time. And the 4K camera is pairable with Yealink ceiling and tabletop mics and an MSpeaker II sound bar.

Meeting participants can easily adjust UVC86 via remote control or let Yealink camera control plug-in software take over for easier collaboration capture.

Yealink UVC86 Demo

Attendee framing to promote meeting equity

AI-driven PTZ cameras switch between speakers to keep track of conversations. Each movement takes time. And if audio devices are not in optimal positions, communication and collaboration could suffer.

New AI-enabled cameras feature 90 to 360-degree views. This expansive view allows AI to solve for camera transition and zoom issues. Artificial intelligence uses the wide-angle lens to frame participants individually. And at the same time, the system can present a wide-angle view of a space on a UC platform.

If spatial audio devices and mic arrays are in the meeting space, AI will capture room audio to share with remote attendees. And in contrast, the system will project audio via specific room speakers based on a remote attendee’s position on your room’s display.

Ideal for medium-sized spaces, Yealink’s intelligent SmartVision 60 camera captures visuals in 10K. SmartVision 60 ensures wide-angle and person-to-person shots are crisp and clear.

The 360-degree camera is compatible with multiple meeting platforms, including Microsoft Teams Rooms. With its Multi-stream People Feed, SmartVision 60 can present a broad and individual shot combination with remote participants on Microsoft Teams.

In addition, SmartVision 60 holds a microphone that uses AI to capture audio for meeting start-up, on-call communication, and note-taking.

Yealink SmartVision 60

Multi-camera platform connectivity captures all hybrid meeting angles

The AI hybrid meeting experience does not stop with a single camera. Single-camera solutions can pick people out in small to medium-sized spaces. But in large conference rooms, with multiple in-room conversations, remote teams can find it challenging to keep up. Platforms like Zoom have introduced new features to help.

Zoom Intelligent Director uses multiple in-room cameras to project numerous video streams. These video streams use AI to show every conversation from every angle in real-time.

Use Yealink AI cameras to bring your employees closer

Yealink’s suite of AI cameras can pair with your preferred collaboration applications to create more equitable and meaningful collaboration in your hybrid meetings. And AVI-SPL can help you explore those systems and platforms to discover what solutions best fit your needs.

Contact us to begin reshaping your hybrid meetings with AI-driven collaboration technologies.