Getting Together Is Easy

Two teams from different offices need to work on a project. They’ve called a meeting and it can’t wait. Everyone is available now.

They won’t have to wait with Crestron Mercury™.

Feature: Use Mercury’s 7” HD color touch screen to make and answer calls, look up contacts in the corporate directory, and manage the room schedule.

Ready for Collaboration

With Crestron Mercury, their company has transformed every meeting room and huddle space into a collaboration-ready area that is easy to use and promotes productivity.

Feature: Someone’s missing from the meeting? Call them up. Mercury is an open SIP conference phone, so the entire group can hear and participate.

Collaborate Your Way

Crestron Mercury allows for BYOC (bring your own codec) collaboration. Whatever your web conferencing service, Mercury supports it.

Feature: Whether you prefer Zoom Rooms, Cisco Spark, or Microsoft Teams, Crestron Mercury enables you to be part of the meeting.

Speak and Be Heard

Whether connected to an audio or video conference, participants hear their remote colleagues through the full duplex audio.

Feature: Need to share your mobile call with the group? The Bluetooth® audio icon pairs the phone with Mercury.


Content Sharing for All

A team member needs to share content from their laptop, so they plug in the HDMI cable from the Mercury tabletop console, which sends the information to the room displays.

Feature: Press the AirMedia® icon on the Mercury display to wirelessly share content with the group.

airmedia logo

Track Room Usage

When the meeting’s over, Crestron Mercury’s occupancy sensor places the room’s displays and AV devices into energy-saving mode.

Feature: Mercury integrates with Crestron Fusion, allowing for logging of room and equipment activity.

Ready for the Follow Up

Because Crestron Mercury syncs with Microsoft Exchange, the team leader can use their personal device to reserve the room for a follow-up meeting.

Feature: On-screen room availability and one-touch booking.

Bring Crestron Mercury Into Your Workplace

Like Crestron, AVI-SPL specializes in transforming workplaces, making it easier to work together, share messages, and create digital experiences that people want.

Connect with an AVI-SPL representative to bring the power and versatility of Crestron Mercury into your organization.

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