NEC Display

For over 100 years, NEC has been a technology innovator. Their desktop monitors, large-screen displays, and projectors are among the best in the industry. NEC is known for display solutions that can help organizations improve performance for applications in any environment — corporate, education, and healthcare.

As the world’s largest and most trusted AV integrator, AVI-SPL partners with innovative communication technology manufacturers—like NEC—to give you access to the most advanced, secure, and effective AV and collaboration solutions.

Enjoy the New C and V Series Displays

Offering an all-encompassing UHD experience at an affordable price, the new models are: the 75-inch C751Q and V754Q; the 86-inch C861Q and V864Q; and the 98-inch C981Q and V984Q.

NEC V-Series Brochure
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NEC Solutions for Every Need

Whenever you need to share your ideas visually, we have the display to fit your needs. Whether collaborating in business meetings, hosting virtual seminars or just keeping in touch, AVI-SPL and NEC deliver everything you need for maximum visual impact. You’ll feel like you’re working face to face whether you’re in the next state or the next country.

Explore Room Layouts With NEC Collaboration Technology

AVI-SPL Collaboration Explorer Interactive Room Design Tool

In modern meetings, the visuals and the data tell the story. New visual workplaces immerse participants and provide interactive, touch screen video walls. Visual content combines applications, video conferencing and the web into visual work spaces where teams can create, edit, and share.

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