TAMPA, Fla. – June 7, 2022 – Today, AVI-SPL Symphony launches version 6.0 of its platform at InfoComm 2022, booth W1937. This major release transforms the platform’s user experience, giving it an intuitive, natural flow and a fresh, modern look that aligns with its most common customer use cases. Symphony is a user experience management platform used by IT departments around the world to administer, monitor, control, and analyze their multi-vendor audio-visual (AV), unified communications (UC), and meeting environments.

As companies everywhere rapidly deploy new unified communications collaboration technology and upgrade meeting rooms for hybrid work, managing that technology has become more complex and cumbersome. If one component fails, the whole meeting can be lost. Symphony 6.0 radically simplifies this user experience management.

With more than ten years of development and tens of thousands of devices actively monitored daily, Symphony has been designed to manage and analyze video-enabled meeting spaces, from small meeting rooms to more complex spaces integrating technology from several vendors. Symphony version 6.0 provides a view that’s focused with clarity and efficiency so IT administrators and analysts can easily see and understand what is happening across their collaboration technology ecosystem. It gives IT teams insights to quickly and confidently act to prevent and resolve technology issues.

“In order to create a stellar user experience, you have to start with the user,” said Laurie Berg, AVI-SPL director of Symphony product operations. “Symphony 6.0 takes the next step in looking at the IT user experience from a holistic perspective, not just a functional one.”

To manage these technology integrations, IT often has to make service decisions with incomplete data. Symphony is the single platform that brings it all together – now more simply and intuitively. It consolidates data about system performance and meeting room usage from all connected devices and vendor-specific management tools into one reliable source of truth. It is the go-to tool for IT teams monitoring collaboration and meeting rooms companywide and globally. Symphony saves the meeting and saves the day for IT.

With Symphony, IT teams create individual, configurable dashboards for a snapshot of real-time system health. IT admins can quickly see details of the rooms that have issues, getting crucial information without leaving the screen. Even before IT starts to resolve an issue, Symphony automatically creates and syncs the trouble ticket, and attempts to resolve the bug with an automated workflow so IT users can stay focused on the most pressing issues. Moving beyond immediate system performance, IT analysts can dive into data about meetings, rooms, and incidents, gaining insights about how to best repurpose space, resource support teams, or improve ROI on technology investments.

Over the past decade, Symphony has transformed from a telepresence scheduling and call launching application to a proactive incident management and workflow automation platform that looks at collaboration beyond the lens of the video call to all connected technologies that make collaboration happen. Its genesis as a call monitoring application means Symphony equally places the user experience of the end-user and IT manager at the center of its development.

Today, Symphony provides this holistic view because of its native integrations with devices, controllers, other management systems, and the leading UC platforms and technology providers such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, Poly, Crestron, and many more. Monitoring technology from the user interaction across the entire UC system and network gives Symphony its unique capability to manage meeting expectations in real-time.

Symphony version 6.0 brings valuable context to IT’s support actions. It is not enough to know the steps. Symphony understands the “why” behind the steps. Because of this, it enables users to maneuver through the platform naturally, efficiently, and productively to achieve important business outcomes.

A crucial outcome for hybrid work is giving employees a frictionless technology experience that makes it easier for them to meet and collaborate as expected, when expected. Symphony does this best – and today even a little better with its new modern user experience.

AVI-SPL Symphony version 6.0 will be released for general availability in Q3 2022. To preview the new user experience, please visit AVI-SPL at InfoComm booth W1937. For more information on AVI-SPL Symphony, please visit: https://avispl.com/symphony/


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