TAMPA, FL, U.S. — January 25, 2024 — AVI-SPL Symphony, the award-winning collaboration experience management platform, announces several key enhancements at ISE 2024. Symphony is a technology monitoring and management platform used by IT departments around the world to administer, monitor, control, and analyze their multi-vendor audio-visual (AV), unified communications (UC), and meeting environments.  

The convergence of IT and facilities management objectives is reshaping how institutions consider, utilize, and outfit spaces. In modern work environments, these organizations must work together, share data, and make decisions that impact each other. Symphony’s newly released features focus on enabling improved alignment by providing a new, clear window into technology standards, space utilization, and ROI. 

Through these enhancements, Symphony unifies the view of a managed space to include both networked and local, or “simple,” assets. By uniting visibility to simple assets such as chairs and tables together with technology assets and cloud platform data, Symphony provides a complete view into the workplace technology estate. This view provides organizations with the knowledge needed to understand space requirements, technology investments, and whether workplace decisions deliver the outcomes expected.  

“In an increasingly end-user focused environment, our customers realize they need to think beyond the technology they provide to the full user experience their colleagues demand,” said Laurie Berg, Vice President, Symphony Product Operations. “The expansion of Symphony offers our customers the ability to go deeper into understanding the costs and usage associated with their workspace transformation.” 

Symphony works with the largest global organizations and integrates with the technologies they deploy worldwide. As these companies work to determine how to repurpose and design spaces, which technologies will best advance their collaboration capabilities, and the investment needed, Symphony will guide them, as it has guided them in proactive monitoring and remote support 3 since 2008.  

Additional Information 

Visit AVI-SPL and get a live demo of Symphony at ISE 2024.

For more information on AVI-SPL Symphony, please visit: https://avispl.com/symphony/ 



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