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Pexip is a video technology company. Its solution powers everything from business meetings to ultra-secure government meetings, from personalized banking to doctor’s appointments to court proceedings.

Organizations today use Pexip to protect meetings and personalize and elevate the video experience everywhere – no matter the technology.

secure video meeting with Pexip video conferencing
military staff in control room with Pexip secure meeting technology

Keep your mission-critical communication secure with a private, compliant, and customizable meeting platform. Flexible deployment options put you in complete control of your data and brand.

Pexip offers a FedRAMP®-Authorized solution for Microsoft Teams interop, so government agencies can connect hybrid workers into the same Teams meeting, whether joining from the office or home.

Pexip’s secure video platform can also provide business continuity in case of natural disaster, network issues, or cybersecurity threats.


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