How to drive employee engagement with digital displays and projectors

Feature image showcasing large digital signage and displays in a lobby and a meeting space.

Trying to boost employee engagement? Upgrading your workplace digital displays and projectors may be the answer. 

In the office or remote, people like to be seen, heard, and respected for what they bring to the team. Meeting equity, team recognition, and regular company news and culture updates are powerful ways to retain employees. Digital display and projector upgrades can help do that more consistently, by:

  • Increasing company messaging visibility
  • Sharing dynamic video content
  • Streamlining communication
  • Promoting positivity and productivity in the workplace
  • Larger, clearer visuals for improved meeting equity

Read our eBook, “Harness the Power of Displays and Projectors to Drive Employee Engagement,” to explore how solutions from Epson and LG can help empower your teams and leave them feeling fulfilled.


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