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Keys to a productive, equitable workplace


In today’s hybrid workplace, it’s critical to create an environment where everyone–regardless of location–can work and collaborate effectively and equitably. Designing such a workplace involves:

  • Empowering teams to work as needed 
  • Implementing user-centric design
  • Equipping employees with the right tools
  • Setting technology standards and meeting expectations
  • And more

Give dispersed teams better collaboration experiences

The right technology is critical to hybrid work, but understanding the human experience is the first step to designing the right workplace solutions. 

Consider what employees like about working from home and what makes them want to come into the office. Rethink workspaces to include amenities, support productivity, build company culture, boost morale, and enable hybrid teamwork. 

Forget the room designs of the past and place technology anywhere necessary to create an equitable environment. By reinventing collaboration spaces, you can ensure that both in-room and virtual participants have equitable meeting experiences. 

Also, take advantage of asynchronous cloud collaboration and shared virtual workspaces where all employees can access work and see their own contribution to business outcomes. 

Our experts share even more strategies for designing collaborative hybrid spaces in this on-demand podcast: “Mastering the Inspiring Hybrid Workplace Recipe”


Meet our experts

  • Sanjog Aul, Founder and Show Host, CIO Talk Network
  • Andy Bennett, SVP of Commercial Sales, Crestron Electronics
  • John Bailey, SVP Technology & Innovation, AVI-SPL

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