Nanolumens and Chief help AVI-SPL Dallas add centerpiece display to its workplace of the future




Dallas, TX



Chief, Nanolumens

Project goals

AVI-SPL opened its new Dallas office in 2022. The Dallas team wanted to create a design that reflected a workplace of the future based on collaboration and hybrid work.

The global digital workplace services provider placed AV and UC solutions throughout its space to showcase each device’s versatility to clients.

Dallas’ team wanted to cap off their workspace experience with another digital display that would “wow” clients and employees passing by their showroom.

Solution: Nanolumens Engage DVLED display with a Chief TiLED wall mount

A smooth, vibrant, bezel-less video wall

AVI-SPL approached technology partner Nanolumens about installing a top-of-the-line display. The digital display manufacturer donated a Nanolumens Engage 0.93 mm Pixel Pitch direct-view LED (DVLED) 4K resolution display.

Nanolumens’ display includes thin, stackable, 16:9 display cabinets that are front or rear serviceable, lightweight, energy-efficient, and eliminate dangling cables with simple snap-in and snap-out connectors.

Together, the screen cabinets create a smooth, bezel-less surface of crisp and clear visuals, with deep contrast, vivid colors, and high brightness.

However, display integration would stall when AVI-SPL and Nanolumens discovered the showroom wall could not securely support the DVLED display independently.

Both AVI-SPL and Nanolumens began searching for wall mount options following multiple attempts to attach the cabinets directly to the showroom wall.

AVI-SPL’s Erich Schriefer and team sought help from partner Chief, a brand of Legrand AV.


Adaptable support to ensure a seamless visual experience

Legrand AV proposed using the Chief TiLED™ video wall mounting system to support the Nanolumens display.

“Nanolumens had recently used the Chief TiLED mount as a prototype for their wall,” said Eric Schriefer. “It was so successful that they collaborated with us to provide this mount when our need for a flexible, clean, and perfectly aligned solution was spotlighted.”

Legrand AV’s Chief TiLED mount enables precise adjustment and control of the X, Y, and Z axes. The mount’s adjustability ensures perfect display LED positioning and cabinet-to-cabinet alignment and compensates for surface imperfections.

“The Chief TiLED mount adjusts the X, Y, and Z axes, enhancing the visual experience with the Nanolumens 0.9 pitch, which is a very fine pitch with little room for error,” said Derek McCluskey, Regional Brand Sales Manager for Legrand AV. “If any of those panels are even slightly misaligned, there could be seams or cracks that could degrade the display’s resolution. With the TiLED mount, we can ensure the finest resolution a Nanolumens panel can feature.”


Chief mount facilitates rapid Nanolumens display deployment

A display of this type usually takes about three days to install. With the Chief TiLED mount in place, Nanolumens installed the DVLED video wall in just nine hours.

“Being the first of its kind, the installation process was very smooth, which is representative of the highest quality expectations that Chief and Nanolumens always demonstrate,” said AVI-SPL Installation Manager Don Clarke.

The ease of this display’s integration and additional installs led Nanolumens to name the Chief TiLED mount an essential Engage display install component.

“Chief mounts are integral due to the tight tolerances of the .93 mm display,” said Geoffrey Berkeley, Nanolumens Regional Sales Director.


A secure and stunning AVI-SPL Dallas showpiece from Nanolumens

AVI-SPL Dallas hosts a diverse set of audio visual technologies. The Nanolumens DVLED video wall is one AVI-SPL Dallas’ General Manager Cory Van Kleeck is proud to feature.

“We welcome prospects, clients, architects, consultants, and general contractor partners regularly for technology tours of our Dallas showroom,” said Van Cleek. “The Nanolumens wall is the seventh video wall they see in our space, and it is incredibly well received for its clarity, brightness, and cutting-edge brilliant technology. The unit sells itself.”

The display has also had significant positive impacts on the AVI-SPL Dallas employee work experience.

“The addition of the Nanolumens and Chief products beautifully finished out what is now our largest assembly area in the Dallas office. We host quarterly town hall meetings here. Recently, an international team of 100+ from our Global Strategic Accounts Program gathered in Dallas using this incredible space for their technology needs.”

And AVI-SPL is not the only organization happy with the results.

“It was great working with AVI-SPL and Chief to bring our Engage Series .93 mm, 4K resolution display to life. I am thrilled to have such an amazing display for AVI-SPL to show off to their clients and stakeholders,” said Nanolumens’ Geoff Berkeley.

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