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About Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport (TIA) is emerging as a global frontrunner in the aviation industry and was selected as JD Power’s “#1 large North American airport” in 2022.  The airport is less than ten miles from downtown Tampa and is publicly owned by the Hillsborough County Airport Authority. Part of the airport’s vision is to use new technology to deliver the best possible customer experience. 

Goals and challenges

Faced with the challenge of outdated and static signage across Tampa International Airport, we presented a comprehensive solution: a complete overhaul of the digital display and signage system. AVI-SPL designed and installed user-friendly, adaptable dynamic signage that could be updated at the click of a button.  

The airport authority wanted to create an exceptional customer experience for travelers from the moment they step into the airport to their final destination. They chose to partner with AVI-SPL due to our wide range of contract offerings, which include GSA, state, and co-op agreements. These contracts expedited the process, eliminated the need for time-consuming bids, and streamlined the implementation of the new state-of-the-art solutions.  

Considering the airport is open 24/7 to accommodate travelers and operations, identifying suitable time slots that wouldn’t disrupt the customer and employee experience was essential. The team chose to work overnight when the airport was quiet and limit customer inconvenience.

Security posed another hurdle. However, we worked with airport personnel to access certain areas that are only accessible with an employee badge or escort.  

Digital signage and video wall solutions

Working with the airport’s general contractor, AVI-SPL helped transform Tampa International Airport’s vision into reality. Our team integrated new Samsung and NanoLumens LED digital signage and video walls throughout the airport terminal and in the cell phone lot. Samsung LED display video walls were installed in the main terminal and baggage claim area and now display engaging and relevant advertisements, while also adding value to travelers’ interactions within the airport.

Large shuttle displays were placed on the air side of the terminal to provide passengers with quick convenience as they looked for flight information, dining options, and shops. Even the passenger pick-up experience was improved by the addition of two large LED outdoor video walls in the cell phone lot. These display real-time updates on incoming arrivals, allowing visitors to stay informed about arrivals and delays for their arriving family and friends.

Also, the airport’s state-of-the-art event center features a 216″ NanoLumens LED video wall, Crestron DM NVX content distribution, JBL speakers, and Sennheiser microphones. Guests can easily share content on the video wall and be heard throughout the interior and exterior event space.

In the cell phone lot, two outdoor 44′ x 11′ NanoLumens video walls display real-time fight information so drivers know the best time to pick up arriving passengers outside the terminal.

Managed services

With all the new technology throughout the airport, it was essential to have support staff on site to keep everything running smoothly. Three AVI-SPL technicians provide 24/7 managed services in the terminal to ensure the new technology always works as expected. Services include daily proactive equipment checks and routine maintenance. 


The seamless collaboration between the airport authority and AVI-SPL exemplifies the true spirit of partnership. We came together with a shared goal of elevating the customer experience and approached the project fully cognizant of the standards and expectations to be met.

“One of the best parts of my job is what’s to come around the corner. Knowing what our master plan is, I get to think of what new technology we can bring to this airport. This project has so much of my heart and soul, and that’s what it’s all about. Being cutting edge. And being the best of the best for our customers.”   – Rebecca Criswell, AVI-SPL Senior Account Manager.

Drawing upon AVI-SPL’s extensive resources, our team skillfully integrated and installed cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing an unforgettable journey for all travelers at Tampa International Airport. 

The newly installed signage throughout the airport ensures passengers can swiftly and easily identify their next destination, explore available food and shopping options, and remain informed about any changes up to the minute. 

In the past, changing content on static signs meant removing the sign completely and replacing it with new content—a long and costly process. However, with the new solutions, content changes are as simple as a button click. Video files can be promptly transmitted to update signs. This facilitates immediate adjustments to the messaging shown or can even guide passengers to different terminals. The system’s responsiveness is showcased by its capability to swiftly reroute passengers, avoiding the need for physical floor stands or standalone directional signs.  

The new signage throughout TIA is user-friendly and offers convenience to everyone – staff, visitors, and passengers alike.   

AVI-SPL’s managed services team keeps the technology up to date and ensures smooth operations without any interruptions. Airport staff now have readily available 24/7 support and on-call assistance to reduce the workload on their IT team. End users have a dependable point of contact who can address questions and provide assistance related to the new technology. 

Our team is looking forward to supporting the next phase of the customer journey at Tampa International Airport. 

Contact AVI-SPL to start your next customer experience project. 

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