Zoom Contact Center brings unity, flexibility, and agility to AVI-SPL global support agents

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Zoom Contact Center

Project overview and goals

AVI-SPL has global support teams in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, London, Germany, India, and Hong Kong. Each team provides 24/7 customer support every day. The global support team’s primary cloud calling and contact center platform contract was ending. Due to limited capabilities and platform discontinuation, AVI-SPL needed a new support solution.

AVI-SPL’s global support team, John Bantner, AVI-SPL Director of Voice and Contact Center Architecture, and Adam Howkins, Senior Vice President, Global Services, conducted a platform-needs analysis to determine AVI-SPL’s next platform. The platform had to support a team of customer support agents in seven countries and meet the following metrics for success.


Simple, meaningful support at a lower cost

AVI-SPL had very specific current and future cloud contact center criteria. New platform capabilities had to allow AVI-SPL support personnel to solve customer challenges easily.

Requirements included but were not limited to active switching between customers, easy problem tracking, intelligent call routing, skills-based routing, present or absent supervisor agent state force change, IVR, GDPR, PCI, screen pop ServiceNow and interaction data, stability, analytics, audio and video recording, and ability to transfer to Microsoft Teams via PSTN/directory.

Ease of use and integration were essential requirements for AVI-SPL. But the solution also had to be cost-effective.


A true partner with room for growth

Stationed worldwide, the team required ease of use in platform capabilities and a trustworthy platform partnership.

“We were looking for a couple of things; first and foremost was a partner. With our previous platform, we felt we had a partner. And as soon as we came on board, that partnership went away. So, whomever we selected as our next partner, we wanted a true partnership.” – Phil Caiazzo, AVI-SPL Vice President of Global Support Services.

AVI-SPL also sought a partner with room to grow with their team and its future needs, like email routing, SMS messaging, automated and agent-based chat, self-service, screen recording, WFM, and Knowledgebase.

The AVI-SPL team researched and provided suggestions for possible contact center platform replacements.

“I was able to go research through the different CCaaS providers that (AVI-SPL) saw customers use in the market. I was looking for platforms that had potential fit based on those variables.” – John Bantner, AVI-SPL Director of Voice and Contact Center Architecture.

Solution – Zoom Contact Center: A centralized and streamlined support experience

After reviewing five Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, AVI-SPL’s global support team selected Zoom Contact Center as its new platform.

Zoom Contact Center offered a single portal interface. The single-view application made it easy for AVI-SPL customer agents to find, assess, and solve customer challenges quickly and easily.

And supervisors can explore more as needed, including live views of call queues, the associated agent, and access to call recordings.

With Zoom Contact Center, customer agents and supervisors have the same visual access to customer information.

Customer supporrt supervisor reviews detailed data via Zoom Contact Center

Zoom’s software and these AV solutions ensured ease of use and a quality voice calling experience. Customer agents can join Zoom Contact Center with virtually any microphone, headset, and camera, including Logitech, Poly, and Sennheiser systems.

“Zoom also had a unique component. It wasn’t video-first. But it had an embedded video solution as it relates to the contact center, which aligned with our total corporate story.” – John Bantner, AVI-SPL Director of Voice and Contact Center Architecture.

In addition to a centralized and streamlined user experience, Zoom Contact Center made it easy for AVI-SPL customer agents to connect from anywhere.

Implementation: AVI-SPL Professional Services

As a Zoom partner, AVI-SPL enlisted its Zoom-certified professional services team. John Bantner consulted with AVI-SPL’s Director of UCC Engineering, Jason Gaspardo, on a quick yet quality implementation process.



The professional services team worked with Phil Caiazzo and his global support team to understand team needs. From there, Gaspardo’s team worked with Zoom to develop a systematic approach to ensure each platform installation requirement was met.



Knowing their organization, its global footprint, end-user requirements, and being certified Zoom platform experts, AVI-SPL professional services engineers were able to anticipate and solve most integration challenges.

When challenges did occur, the team had a partner in Zoom with whom to communicate and collaborate throughout the process.



From client applications to call routing challenges to feature requests, AVI-SPL engineers had to effectively communicate end-user needs to Zoom representatives to ensure a smooth installation process.

In addition to implementation, Gaspardo’s professional services team partnered with AVI-SPL’s human resources team to provide Zoom Contact Center training services. Training ensured AVI-SPL agents quickly transitioned from their previous platform and could get up to speed faster.


Support flexibility and agility

Since the adoption of Zoom Contact Center, AVI-SPL’s global support team has streamlined processes and enhanced the AVI-SPL customer support experience, including:

  • Agent support request routing and reduced request queues.
  • Anywhere cloud calling and contact center agent access
  • Supervisor observation and request optimization

AVI-SPL agents can also connect to their contact center portal via Zoom Phone and Meetings for simple user and supervisor communication.

And each call or connection features real-time voice, video, and SMS text analytics.

Support agent reviews data in Zoom Contact Center platform.

Zoom Contact Center now allows AVI-SPL to be available 24/7 via a single centralized platform. Teams can access, monitor, and manage requests faster, anytime, and anywhere.

Reduced cost

In addition to simplified and unified processes, better user experience, and flexibility in where and how AVI-SPL’s support agents work, transitioning to Zoom Contact Center gave AVI-SPL an estimated $70,000+ annual savings.


A partnership based on growth

With additional upgrades coming to Zoom Contact Center, AVI-SPL can continue to work with Zoom to enhance its global support and maintenance offerings at their desired pace.

“We’re working on introducing a chat option to allow our customers to interact with a support agent. We’ll integrate another medium into their environment to collaborate with us. Once we roll the chat feature out, that will give Zoom another option to coordinate with my team.” – Phil Caiazzo, AVI-SPL Vice President of Global Support Services.

“As the largest provider of AV and UC solutions in the industry, embracing another leader in the UC space gives us much better alignment with them. And from a partnership perspective, this gives us both even greater opportunities and puts us into better positions for the future.” – Derrick Kelly, AVI-SPL Vice President of Solutions Enablement.

Because AVI-SPL is a Zoom partner, its voice cloud calling service experts have significant Zoom platform expertise. And they are ready to help you introduce, integrate, or iterate on your cloud calling and contact center solutions.

If you would like to know more about our cloud-calling and contact center design, integration, and management capabilities, let’s talk.

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