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The most resilient companies and schools run SMART.

SMART offers a wide range of solutions to enable business and education to move forward. Business solutions are designed for the future of modern businesses, perfectly suited to a wide range of sectors and applications, and our education solutions are designed to enhance teaching and learning, wherever learning takes place.

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Work Better Together

SMART Board MX Pro series displays empower your team to collaborate across devices, offices, and time zones as if they’re in the same room. Designed for the future of modern business, SMART future-ready business solutions are perfectly suited to a wide range of sectors and applications.


SMART provides interactive technology that:

  • Enables true collaboration – not just participation, but contribution and interaction
  • Provides an intuitive experience to reduce the learning curve, enabling even casual users 
  • Lets users mark up, save and share any content from any source, anywhere
  • Is compatible with major video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco Webex


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