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LG’s Business Solutions provides flexible, integrated solutions customized to create sustainable levels of growth and value for solving our customer’s most critical business challenges.

Drawing from our team of market experts and service specialists, LG delivers next-generation applications and vertical market solutions. With a reputation for excellence and technology innovation, a robust ecosystem of partners and alliances, LG is a valuable partner offering strategic vision and real-world solutions to ensure the success of our customers.


  • LG leads the way in 4K! The breathtaking clarity and fine details of 4K UHD will amaze even when viewed up close, thanks to 8.3 million pixels with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. That’s four times the resolution of full HD.
  • Elevate your corporate identity with a suite of commercial display technologies. From a 70-inch 4K perfect for the corporate board room to a compact touch screen for business space notifications, LG has the solution.
  • OLED 55” Open Frame display – Flexibility of the OLED, concave moved to convex. Because the 55EF5C is an open-frame curved signage, it can be used in a variety of sizes and shapes in many different spaces due to its expandable nature and curved format. Your 55EF5C configuration will add impact to virtually any space, becoming an instant landmark for you and your customers.
  • OLED Wallpaper – Very impressive. LG’s OLED Wallpaper Signage is surprisingly slim, light and space saving. Providing an extraordinary customer experience is second nature to OLED Wallpaper, and it upgrades virtually any space. It also can be used as a video wall when easily attached to a wall with a magnetic mat.
  • Stretch Your Imagination with LG. LG’s Ultra Stretch for Dynamic Digital Content is a new signage format with a 58:9 widescreen that can display dynamic content depending on the user’s installation environment (e.g. airports, subways, banks, art galleries, or retail stores). This product is also a work of structural art in itself that can be seen as digital decor.
  • Outdoor Solutions. The 55XE3C provides excellent durability and vivid image quality even under direct sunlight. This outdoor signage boasts strong visibility and reliability with clear picture quality and accurate information delivery even under extreme changes in the environment. It also offers excellent efficiency, combining economic power consumption with simple installation and management.

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