AVI-SPL Symphony Mobile App

Meeting management at your fingertips


Skip the control panel. Don’t fumble with settings or connections. Take the meeting experience into your own hands with the Symphony mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Whether you host meetings, use collaboration spaces or provide IT support, you have the same goal – to accomplish your task easily, quickly and without frustration.

Symphony mobile app on cell phone

Here’s how the AVI-SPL Symphony mobile app helps:

Meeting owners

    • Moderate an active meeting
    • Designate another moderator
    • View meeting calendar

    Collaboration space end users

    • Control connected devices and settings of the room you are in via QR Code or beacon
    • Access room details
    • View meeting calendar

    IT Support

    • Access room and device details
    • View ticket information
    • Monitor health of your locations, rooms, and devices
    • Control meeting room devices to resolve issues

    Remotely moderate your meeting or space

    Symphony mobile app meeting view

    What does it mean to moderate? You control settings to optimize the environment and experience.

    Whether you’re remotely connected to a video meeting or sitting in a meeting room, with the AVI-SPL Symphony mobile app you can:

    • Mute/unmute participants
    • Turn video on/off
    • End or extend the meeting
    • Invite additional participants
    • Start recording
    • Message endpoints
    • Control room technologies in the room, including lights and shades, endpoints, displays, projectors, microphones/speakers, and more
    • Adjust volume and other variable settings

    Harness mobile convenience

    Once logged into the Symphony app, you have immediate access to all your scheduled meetings. See a countdown to your next scheduled meeting or the time left for a meeting in progress.

    For IT teams, this convenience creates incredible efficiency. Support personnel can use the app to access all ticketing information regardless of if they are in the meeting room or not. IT can skip the guessing and start solving. They’ll speed issue resolution, and minimize meeting room downtime.

    IT teams can access Symphony alerts, tickets, and performance data from anywhere at any time with the mobile app. No workstation needed. From the app, IT users can reboot an AV device, power a display on or off, reset an outlet, flip a POE input, if Symphony can control it, so can the app.

    And instead of doing this from the help desk, IT can do this in an affected room or from halfway around the world to save the meeting for an affected end user.

    Symphony mobile app room view

    Why use Symphony mobile

    remote meeting room management with the symphony mobile app

    With Symphony mobile, monitoring, management, and control just became a whole lot simpler and convenient. And you just become more effective and efficient in supporting your ever-growing AV, UC, and collaboration technology estate.

    See what Symphony can do for your meetings.

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