Today’s digital journey can be a bumpy ride for your hybrid workforce. While employees love the flexibility of working a few days a week at home, some may feel missing out when not in the office. Collaboration tools may not work the same way at home, connecting to company systems is full of roadblocks, and information shared in the office is lost. Read on to discover how to deliver a streamlined workplace digital journey.

Leverage digital connectivity for real-time information.

Now, companies like visual communications expert 22Miles help create a streamlined work experience that transcends physical location. They make it easy to share real-time information with employees working at the office, on the road, at home, and everywhere in between. Solutions focus on automation and interoperability to make hybrid work life easier and more enjoyable.

Since these apps and software are vendor-agnostic, they can support your preferred collaboration platforms, software, and devices from leading providers. Some examples are Microsoft Teams, Webex by Cisco, Brightsign, Intel, Neat, Yealink, and SNA Displays. Later in this blog, we’ll focus on 22Miles’ powerful integrations with Microsoft Teams and new app and plug-in developments.

First, let’s take a brief look at where we’ve been and where we are now.

While many companies have settled into a hybrid work schedule over the last year, the digital journey wasn’t perfect. It was harder to connect and collaborate, workplace culture faded away, information sharing was difficult, and remote employees felt isolated. But that’s changing.

Employees are feeling better about their digital journey between home and office.

In fact, Deloitte noted some positive changes in its 2023 Connected Consumer Survey compared to 2022 survey results. Employees reported that remote work (defined as either hybrid or fully remote) was better when it comes to relationships and collaboration.

Technology and access to information still pose a challenge.

However, challenges with technology and access to information increased in 2023 compared to 2022, proving that we still have work to do to keep hybrid teams connected. In fact, 23% of respondents said they had difficulty accessing the information or files they needed.

“These findings point to a potential need for employers to refresh employee hardware and update the tools and systems that support remote workers.” Deloitte 2023 Connected Consumer Survey

Streamlining your employees’ digital journey no matter where they work.

22Miles helps companies address these challenges and empower a streamlined digital journey for all employees, regardless of where they work. They deliver easy-to-use omnichannel workplace solutions designed to create a seamless experience from home to the office. Here are some highlights.

Immersive experiences

With 22Miles video wall mapping technology, any organization has the flexibility to expand its visual experience into any resolution or orientation. This solution creates a more interactive solution on a larger scale. Video wall mapping technology helps you create immersive experiences in innovation centers and executive briefing centers.


22Miles wayfinding solutions help people navigate physical spaces easily and intuitively. Options include interactive maps, 3D wayfinding, step-by-step guidance, accessibility features, real-time updates, and augmented reality (AR) overlays.

Wayfinding can also be leveraged for hoteling and hotdesking to visually show your booked spaces. With this integration,  space booking can be displayed on Mobile, touchscreens, digital displays, and even through the Microsoft Teams and Outlook plug-in experience. Your teams will enjoy a streamlined experience of your office environment anywhere and anytime.

Room and space booking

Space and room booking options help teams effortlessly find the perfect spot to work, whether it’s a desk, meeting room, or private office. Employees can reserve a space using a digital sign, your computer, or even your phone. And, rooms automatically check users in and out, and timed cancellations prevent unused reservations.

Mobile experiences

With staff moving effortlessly between home and the office, it’s essential to provide access to tools and information via mobile devices. Mobile solutions provide seamless navigation and space management.

It’s also easy for people to access information from digital signs with Carry2Mobile™. It lets users skip the app download and get the content they want directly on their phones.

22Miles Content Manager CMS All-in-One Platform

From in-office experience to mobile access, you can easily manage it all with the content manager You can also connect your displays to:

  • Booking systems: Let employees reserve desks or meeting rooms right from the sign.
  • Calendars: Keep everyone informed about upcoming events.
  • Interactive maps: Help visitors navigate your space with 3D maps and touchless controls.
  • Mobile apps: Extend your content and features to smartphones and tablets.

AI-powered automation

Recently, 22Miles introduced three new AI-powered features. AI Assistant: a consumer chat interface; AI Backoffice: An internal AI that recognizes users and tailors responses to their roles and data access rights; and AI Command: A user-friendly CMS backend interface for quick content editing and digital signage command execution.

How 22Miles enhanced employee experiences at Tampa International Airport.

AVI-SPL tapped 22Miles to help create a better digital journey throughout Tampa International Airport’s hybrid workplace—22Miles designed and created an easy-to-use employee engagement with hoteling app at SkyCenter One, the airport’s administration building.

Employees can reserve desks and rooms using the app, Outlook, or onsite using their badges at a desk with Embrava devices, making the digital journey from home to office and back effortless. The app includes 3D wayfinding to guide employees throughout the facility with real-time turn-by-turn directions.

With Microsoft Office 365 and SSO integration, the app also makes it easy to find co-workers, reserve meeting spaces, schedule and invite participants to Microsoft Teams meetings, and alert maintenance to any issues that need attention.

Managers can also view space utilization stats in the app. Insights such as meeting duration, total booking, hotdesking analytics, and booking frequency help leaders make data-driven decisions regarding technology maintenance, sanitation routines, meeting scheduling, and more.

The deployment at TPA continues to evolve with new digital solutions, including a new building directory at SkyCenter, and a one-of-a-kind room layout reservation request system. The solution is integrated into Crestron tablets and the web to allow city contractors and remote staff to book the main lobby conference room. Users can book the room with a specific table and chair designed layout, AV assistance, catering, and more.

Then, the SkyCenter admins receive the layout request and automatically integrate it with the shared city O365 calendar system. The solution streamlines booking and assistance in a whole new way.

The latest deployment is updating the entire airport’s interactive wayfinding experience and replacing the current system at the terminals with a fresh new user experience and integrated design leveraging 22Miles AI Assistant and mobile wayfinding app.

Powerful Microsoft Teams integration streamlines employee experiences.

22Miles solutions are hardware agnostic with integrations that support native app experiences, including powerful Microsoft Teams integration. This Microsoft Teams integration helps boost communication, streamline space management, and create a more centralized and efficient work experience for everyone.

22Miles acts as a central hub for everything workplace-related within Teams, keeping everyone on the same page and providing:

  • Effortless booking: Reserve desks, meeting rooms, or hot desks directly within Teams, eliminating the need to switch between apps or manage confusing spreadsheets.
  • Improved communication: Receive important announcements, news, or even emergency alerts right within your Teams app, keeping everyone informed.
  • Smarter space management: Visualize floorplans and nearby areas before booking a space, making sure you choose the perfect spot for your needs.
  • Seamless content sharing: Instantly share documents, presentations, or other content on digital signs directly from Teams, fostering collaboration.
  • Centralized hub: 22Miles acts as a central hub for everything workplace-related within Teams, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Simplified management for admins): Manage resources efficiently within Microsoft Teams, ensuring seamless coordination and immediate notifications for your entire team.

22Miles Microsoft Teams App and Outlook Add-in

Two recent additions, the Microsoft Teams App and Outlook plug-in, create an even better interactive, streamlined experience for 22Miles customers using Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Exchange.

The new app works seamlessly with your existing Microsoft tools. This means you can easily connect your SharePoint to the content manager, making it a breeze to manage all your digital assets in one place. That means less time navigating different programs outside of the Teams environment.

In addition, the app works with other Microsoft features you already know and love, like Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) takeover and virtual receptionist capabilities. The app also includes a PowerBI Widget. Employees can also use the app to conveniently reserve rooms or hot desks and locate colleagues throughout the office inside the Teams interface.

The Outlook plug-in enhances this experience further by displaying a 3D map preview of meeting rooms and floor plans directly in Outlook. These new interactive features make selecting the right spaces for upcoming meetings or in-office days easier.

What’s next for your team’s digital journey in 2024?

While the initial shift to a hybrid work model presented challenges, companies like 22Miles are revolutionizing the digital experience for today’s workforce. By bridging the gap between physical and digital spaces, you can create a streamlined work experience that transcends physical location. Their user-friendly suite of tools fosters seamless communication, simplifies space management, and keeps everyone informed and engaged.

As the digital journey continues to evolve, ensure you continue to deliver a seamless experience for your employees no matter where they work. AVI-SPL can help you choose the best 22Miles workplace management solutions for your needs. Ready to get started? Contact us today.