Another year and another InfoComm is in the books. And what happened in Vegas… is being reported on by many, including us!

InfoComm 2024 certainly did not disappoint. The event’s June 8 – 14 attendance broke post-COVID records, with 800+ exhibitors and 30,271 attendees. The Central and West Halls were a-buzz with discussions and presentations on artificial intelligence in modern work, collaboration tools, and AV. Digital signage from big-name manufacturers provided wonder and awe as people walked the show floor. And many AV and IT professionals were focused on improving human experiences in the workplace, on the job site, from home, and in the classroom.

We’re going down memory lane with those who visited the show floor to recap the Las Vegas Convention Center festivities. We’ll revisit tech that wowed attendees, explore trending conversations, and highlight shining moments.

InfoComm 2024 show floor happenings

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Cindy Davis
Content and Brand Director


Impactful info and experiences

Artificial intelligence (AI) in AV and how we work was a massive theme of InfoComm 2024. AI has been a trend for a few years. But the thing is, AI has been used for a few years. It’s just only really taking off. And it’s just going to keep growing.

While we have been using AI for at least three years, it’s taking algorithms and using that information to learn. Before this, programmers were brilliant at writing algorithms. But now AI can take those algorithms and build on them.
So many companies are now really using it, and they’re just starting to use it. Because of AI integration in cameras and platforms, collaboration spaces, whether in higher education or corporate enterprise, are the big winners.

Conversation trends

Sustainability was a huge conversation amongst manufacturers again, particularly display manufacturers. And they were doing that in some very different ways. There’s a relatively new company called LED Studio that has an LED display that normally would be made up of twenty-five cabinets to make a 100+ inch display. However, they’re doing it in four panels. It’s much more sustainable to do it that way.

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David Thorson
Vice President, Programming


Impactful info and experiences

There are even more open platform technologies, APIs, and programming languages to master!
Harman is making a leap with a new control line that embraces traditional programming languages, which opens up exciting possibilities. Javascript, Python, Groovy (Java) and NodeRed.

More and more technology partners are creating low-code and no-code tools. This shift brings more rapid development tools to the ecosystem. However, be aware of the tradeoffs and technology that scale seamlessly to complex systems and enterprise standards.

Conversation trends

VR was a hit again! We’re seeing an increase in interest and activity at the show. More tech partners are continuing to add devices to Modus VR. Live design is critical to AVI-SPL’s ability to master enterprise standards and complex systems design decisions.

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Jared Lederhandler
Vice President, Global Service Sales

Impactful info and experiences

InfoComm published a data point after the show’s close that caught my attention – 125 countries were represented in Las Vegas, equating to 23% of the total attendance. Why is this important? This ties directly to clients looking for partnerships extending country borders, and those conversations revolve around support and technology adoption. The ability for clients to rely on one strategic partner to provide a unified, scalable, yet simple solution to support and service their enterprise is much of their focus.

Conversation trends

I can recall many in-depth conversations with clients at the show regarding our Enterprise Managed Service offering with all types of vertical markets – pharmaceuticals, engineering, financial, education… many of which have hundreds of collaboration spaces and those with a handful of collaboration spaces. We look forward to working through follow-up conversations with those clients regarding how our Enterprise Managed Service offering can fit best in their environment.

Impactful technology and shining moments

Crestron and Impactful Spaces

Crestron featured a dynamic array of audio visual tech spanning workplace scheduling devices, BYOD tools, NVX – the AV-over-IP content distribution system, and more. However, two areas of their exhibit caught my attention.

The impactful spaces presentation demonstrated how the Crestron technologies on display and top UC platforms combine to ensure the most critical spaces deliver a compelling collaboration experience. In board rooms, classrooms, training rooms, and more, everything starts with Crestron’s DM NVX AV-over-IP technology. From there, you introduce Crestron’s AI framing and tracking multi-camera system, Automate VX, to capture every meeting moment and interaction from multiple angles.

Crestron partners with Logitech, Neat, and others for interoperable Flex and Control experience

Seeing these solutions hanging from a Crestron booth wall was a first for many. Crestron has partnered with manufacturers Logitech, Neat, and more to create packaged unified communications, room scheduling, and control solutions for small, medium, and large conference rooms.

Crestron Flex is compatible with Logitech MeetUp, Rally, and Rally Plus devices and can be streamed via Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms.

Similar to the Logitech setup, a Neat Bar Pro was connected through Crestron Flex for Zoom Rooms.

Q-SYS continues to wow with high-impact space control and management

In addition to an unforgettable keynote speech from Joe Pham, Q-SYS unleashed several new and updated control solutions.
Q-SYS launched a cloud-based monitoring and management platform for Q-SYS systems called Q-SYS Reflect. The platform is designed to help end users deploy and manage systems more easily at any scale.

In other Q-SYS news, VisionSuite, the presenter tracking, camera switching, and room control system, is now Microsoft Teams certified. The platform also took home one of AVTechnology’s Best of Show awards.

HP | Poly showcases a variety of solutions to support a standardized work experience

HP | Poly featured numerous collaboration devices. Their big hitters were two video-specific devices, the G62 codec. This device powers large conference rooms. It is made from post-consumable plastics. The codec is magnetized so that end users can mount the device anywhere in a space. Like Q-SYS, the G62 codec won AVTechnology’s Best of Show award.

The other device launched at InfoComm is the G9 minicomputer. You can learn more about it in our podcast with Joe Mukherjee below.

Sharp partners with AVI-SPL to promote its latest video wall

Sharp released a thirteen-inch digital display that consumes zero power called ePaper in addition to its wide array of large displays and projectors. The ePaper display can be used for wayfinding, room scheduling, or signage in corporate settings.

Speaking of signage, on the larger end of the display size chart, Sharp partnered with AVI-SPL to feature its impressive 217” video wall as the centerpiece of AVI-SPL’s booth in the Central Hall.

AVI-SPL’s Kelly Bousman chats with rAVe [PUBS] about the display in the video below. She details the unique ways the AVI-SPL InfoComm team used the video wall to tell our InfoComm story.

AVI-SPL and awards

Like our technology partners, AVI-SPL won several awards. HETMA, the Higher Education Technology Managers Alliance, presented AVI-SPL with five awards.

  • Higher Ed Ally of the Year: Jimmie Singleton, CTS
  • Best Vendor Rep of the Year: Kevin Schornhorst
  • Best AV over IP Project: Belmont University / Brandon Brunhammer
  • Best use of Emerging Technology: University of Alabama LG Electronics
  • AV Integrator of the Year: AVI-SPL

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