Frustrated with the complexity of video conferencing? The rise of video meetings has brought new challenges: inconsistent devices, incompatible software, and constant IT support requests that can turn collaboration into a nightmare.

In the “Simple, Reliable, Affordable Video Collaboration Powered by AI with Neat” on-demand webcast, we explore powerful solutions to streamline your video conferencing experience and save your IT team valuable time and resources.

Meet the panel

    • Sean Tyrrell, Account Manager, USA Neat
    • Ben Cook, Senior Market Development Specialist, Shure
    • Steven Mason, Account Manager, AVI-SPL
    • Cindy Davis, Webinar Moderator & Content Director, AV Technology

The power of AI in meeting spaces

Dive into the world of AI-powered video conferencing tools like Neat Symmetry and Neat Center. Discover how these solutions can simplify meetings for users and IT teams, allowing everyone to focus on what matters most: collaboration.

Discover how Neat’s partnership with Shure helps you deliver quality audio in all your video conferencing spaces.

Standardization boosts productivity

Standardizing video conferencing and meeting space technology is more than just picking a solution. Meeting spaces of all sizes benefit from the power of interoperability when devices and software speak the same language. This ensures seamless communication that is simple, reliable, and scalable for your organization.

Interoperable solutions improve the overall user experience and enable more productive meetings. Additionally, standardized technology helps to alleviate IT headaches and can reduce help desk tickets.

Create a simple, reliable, and affordable video collaboration environment

Affordable meeting space technology doesn’t have to be a dream, it can be a reality. Learn how a partnership between Neat and Shure has created enterprise-grade video collaboration solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional options.

Watch the AVI-SPL webcast for practical tips and advice on implementing a standardized video conferencing solution that AI powers in your meeting spaces. Contact us today to enhance your workplace meeting experiences.