From digital signage to hybrid meetings – why power conditioning is essential for all AV applications

Despite rumors of a possible recession, investment in enterprise tech shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, two growth areas are digital signage and conference rooms.  

  • The global digital signage market size is expected to reach USD 36.89 billion by 2028, according to a 2023 report from Insight Partners.  
  • Astute Analytica reports the global conference room solutions market is anticipated to record a revenue of USD 3.26 billion by 2030. 

Now imagine the number of devices needed to support that growth. This represents a substantial investment in AV applications and technology. When your company invests in AV applications and devices, how do your IT teams manage them all, extend equipment life, and in turn, boost ROI? That’s where power conditioning, distribution, and management come in. 

Think about how we protect personal devices at home. Since I live in Florida, the lightning capital of the world, I had surge protectors for my home office tech and TV. When hybrid work became the norm, I upgraded to power devices with a battery backup. The power blinks, the backup clicks on, and my work is saved. 

But sometimes I hear that click even when the weather is sunny and beautiful. That’s because I don’t have a surge protector with backup power, it’s an uninterruptible  (UPS). The power does not have to go out for my UPS to spring into action. 

Why AV devices need more than backup power

UPSs keep the power on for devices during short power outages. But that’s not all they do. UPSs also regulate the power supply to stop fluctuations from damaging your technology.  

How exactly? Power conditioning improves the quality of the electrical power to ensure a consistent and reliable power supply to your devices. Managing power with a UPS helps prevent equipment failure and downtime, reduce energy waste, and extend device life.  

For example, voltage fluctuations and brownouts can also damage AV equipment. In these cases, a UPS will turn on the battery power to protect your technology until the power returns to safe ranges (typically around 105 to 130 volts). This way, the device never sees the power issue. 

 Power conditioning will make your after-the-install life easier, so it’s critical to think about it now.

Future you will thank you.” – Shane Roma, Legrand | AV 

Here are more ways power conditioning helps protect your investment in AV applications like digital signage, projectors, and hybrid meeting technology.

Avoid system downtime and blank screens

Transient power interruptions become headaches when systems must reboot. Devices shut down and users wait impatiently for them to come back online. Digital signage displays go dark, and meetings grind to a halt. A backup power supply ensures devices stay on during short power glitches and avoids lengthy restarts. 

If you have even a split second of interruption, your streaming media system can go down.

It’ll turn back on, but it will take several minutes before it reboots.” – Nyron Kahrim,  Legrand | AV 

Also, consider projectors that ideally need to power up and down slowly. Power management spares such devices from damage caused by an abrupt power loss. 

Manage AV devices remotely

When systems do need a reboot, modern power management devices such as RackLink by Middle Atlantic offer remote control to help you restart AV devices from anywhere.  

Having your IT teams drive or walk around to fifty endpoints to reboot them is not an efficient use of their time.

RackLink solves that issue with remote control power management.” – Michael Leach,  Legrand | AV 

And, as IT support teams know, behind-the-display environments are often very compact. Instead of working behind the display, they can troubleshoot and reboot devices over an IP connection. 

Remote control is vital for IT leaders who manage national and global AV deployments from a central location. RackLink allows you to control devices locally or virtually through third-party AV control systems, cloud platforms, and SNMP for fast, flexible management that reduces service costs.  

In addition to flexibility, remote access demands robust security. That’s why RackLink supports industry-leading network security and support of IT protocols, including SSL/TLS certificates, SSH, HTTPS, and self-signed certificates. 


The Remote Control

for Your AV Systems

Deliver a better user experience and limit support tickets

Power does not have to be “off” to affect hybrid meetings or displays. When the power going into a device fluctuates, audio and video output can be poor. We’ve all experienced pixelated video and garbled sound in meetings. They make it a challenge to get anything done. This subpar performance leads to end-user frustration and numerous support tickets.  

And, if you invested in a video wall or multiple digital signage displays, you don’t want poor or inconsistent image quality affecting the customer experience. Taking a proactive approach with power conditioning can help limit these issues.  

Middle Atlantic’s NEXSYS Backup Power System combines power distribution and power backup into a comprehensive and cohesive product platform. It’s designed to keep meeting technology and other AV devices up and running with optimal performance. This proactive approach helps you deliver a better hybrid meeting experience and helps IT support staff save time. 

Backup Power System

AV power distribution and backup

Prevent data corruption

For devices that store your data, power interruption has larger consequences. Without power protection, any data stored on the device can be corrupted. Now your IT team is spending costly support time to restore lost information from backups. A continuous, level power supply keeps equipment running and protects valuable data.  

Limit energy waste and save money

Supporting sustainability is top of mind for many IT and AV industry leaders. In addition to improving reliability, power conditioning can boost energy efficiency. Power conditioning devices can help reduce energy waste caused by inefficient power usage or power supply.  

Not all AV devices need to run 24/7. With remote power management, you can schedule devices to turn on and off, and save power. Reducing waste saves money on energy costs and may reduce the environmental impact of electrical devices. 

Extend AV equipment lifespan

AV equipment longevity also contributes to sustainability. Power management can help extend the lifespan of your equipment, especially some AV equipment particularly sensitive to power issues. By providing a consistent and clean power supply, power conditioning devices can help reduce wear and tear on devices, limiting the need for frequent replacements or repairs and saving money over time. 

Overall, Middle Atlantic power solutions help ensure AV equipment reliability and a consistent user experience. With power conditioning, distribution, and management, your AV equipment will stay online despite minor power outages, protect data, extend device lifespan, save energy, and more.

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