AVI-SPL is thrilled to announce that we were honored by the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) with the 2023 C-Suite Support and Engagement Award. We’re proud that SAMA recognized AVI-SPL’s Global Strategic Accounts Program every year since our program’s inception.

Global Strategic Accounts Program goals

We’re here to provide solutions to our clients’ digital workplace challenges. Our goal is for AVI-SPL to become the company you need us to be: in the right place, at the right time, and with the right abilities. To best position our company to meet this goal and enable our customers to serve their clients better, the Global Strategic Accounts Program provides a stage to nurture deep relationships that deliver mutual value. 

Building peer-to-peer executive relationships

The Global Strategic Accounts Program appoints an AVI-SPL executive sponsor to each global program account. These sponsors build relationships on the executive-to-executive level. Executive sponsors and customers develop trust-based relationships crucial for successful business partnerships. Activities include engaging with customers regularly throughout the year in strategy reviews touring works in progress, and attending social events

This direct voice-of-customer access enables our executive team to shape our organizational future faster than others in the industry and in a manner most impactful to our customers. Our program members appreciate insights from a trusted individual who can look beyond the boundaries of geography, technology, or other factors to share a global view of the industry.

Program outcomes

AVI-SPL’s Global Strategic Accounts Program results prove that cultivating peer-level relationships between AVI-SPL and customer executives can improve your digital workplace strategy.

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