With tech-savvy Gen Z “digital natives” knocking on admissions doors, colleges aren’t shy about investing in technology like esports studios to attract and retain students. Take a look at recent spending and growing interest in collegiate esports: 

  • In 2022, North Carolina State University received USD 16 million in funding for an esports arena. 
  • Ohio State University reportedly spent USD 1.6 million on its esports facility. 
  • The National Association of Collegiate Esports association is over 240 member schools strong and growing.

Large-format esports video walls and control rooms for sportscasting and live-streaming tournaments, plus annual maintenance costs, add to the hefty price tag. And if budgets get squeezed when enrollment is down, esports funding could be an unfulfilled dream. 

How to get esports technology budget approval

If you’re seeking esports technology budget approval, don’t focus only on esports. Consider using your technology spend to attract and retain all students instead of serious gamers alone. Let’s explore some ideas on how you can leverage an esports video wall and control room equipment investment beyond gaming. 

Use esports video walls to support all varsity teams 

If your budget comes from the athletics department, facilities, or several sources, consider how you can help all varsity teams. Coaches and players beat the toughest competition with training that includes rewatching games. A professional video wall ensures everyone sees the winning moves in vivid color and sharp detail.  

And just like your school streams esports tournaments, you can live stream all live sporting events. That way, you can host viewing parties to foster a sense of community. Fans won’t miss a game, whether at home or away.  

Streaming opens the door to additional advertising too. You can use ad dollars to subsidize ongoing technology management and maintenance plans 

Sharp/NEC Display Solution’s 220-inch diagonal direct-view LED video wall using the LED-FE01212220 kit is the ideal solution. The direct view indoor LED FA Series provides crystal-clear images for esports viewing and video backdrops. 

  • Kit includes everything needed for an LED installation, including the LED modules, power bar, LED controller, mounting structure, and overframe kit, as well as spare parts and a pixel card removal tool. 
  • Video wall includes front serviceable modules that allow for installation in difficult-to-access areas. 
  • Pixel cards are hot-swappable and can be replaced without turning the display off. 
  • Shallow depth (3.2” installed) and reduced weight support installation flexibility and meet ADA requirements. 
  • Improved LED performance includes better contrast, viewing angles, brightness uniformity, and color uniformity. 

Take game live streaming to video production and broadcast 

Turn your esports control room into a video production and broadcast hub. The 55” Ultra High Definition Professional Displays from Sharp/NEC are the perfect canvas for monitoring recordings and post-production editing. Display features that aid in video production and editing include:  

  • 4K UHD native resolution allows for lifelike crystal clear imagery 
  • True to life color: the wide color gamut panels allow for a broader range of viewable colors compared to traditional commercial panels 
  • Landscape and portrait orientation allows installation flexibility depending on recording and editing needs. 
  • Multi Picture Mode allows producers and editors to see multiple simultaneous images on the screen at the same time without additional software or hardware. 

If planned to live-stream esports games, it’s likely your space is already a fully equipped production studio with microphones, cameras, and speakers to the space. The large-format video wall makes the ideal virtual background for recorded videos, video newscasts, and video podcasts. 

Transform spectators into data scientists

Video walls aren’t just for spectators to see the action. Add touchscreen options to turn your esports video into an interactive learning and research tool that allows data visualization and more. Charts, graphs, and maps come to life on large screens. 

Presenting data visually helps students grasp complex information more quickly and collaborate on data-driven decisions. Analytical skills are a key component of problem-solving and critical thinking. Two skills employees look for today when filling top jobs. 

The Sharp/NEC Display Solutions FC Series DirectView video wall features an epoxy costing that allows you to add the touch screen capabilities from TSITOUCH. Deeper blacks and brighter colors help students immersive themselves into interacting with on-screen data and transform from spectators into data scientists.

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Support career readiness and offset college expenses

Using esports video walls and other technology isn’t all about entertainment and sports. The technology you choose helps students graduate with the technical skills and knowledge they need to pursue their careers of choice. Skills that lead to well-paying jobs that offset tuition and room and board can make your school more attractive to prospective students. 

A recent Tallo poll stated, “When it comes to concerns about college, some 93% of students surveyed said that cost was the leading factor affecting their decision to either attend or pursue higher education.” But sometimes, students feel the cost will be worth it. The poll also indicated that students are willing to pay for higher education if it leads to a higher-paying career. 

When students participate in creative endeavors such as esports, video production, or data visualization, you provide tools that prepare them for in-demand, well-paying jobs. Hand-on experience with technology helps ensure they will succeed in promising careers, including: 

  • Professional esports player, commentator, or studio technician 
  • STEM scientists and researchers 
  • Financial analysts 
  • Healthcare providers  
  • Video production and broadcast producer
  • Communications management or on-air talent 

Getting started in esports with Sharp/NEC and AVI-SPL

Investing in an esports video wall and control room tech helps students unleash their creativity. It’s a way for your organization to provide innovative, creative outlets for everyone. Let’s discuss how to stretch your esports video wall and control room investment beyond gaming to attract and retain students. Contact AVI-SPL to get started today.